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Southern Voyager 28

Southern Voyager 28 with traditional style pilothouse

It was launched in January 2012 the trawler Maroubar, owned by Avelino Cruz, and built by Flab Boatyards, from Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil,, the boat being designed with pilothouse inverted front windows, the preference of traditional sailors. The boat became extremely attractive, for its looks and good finishing, and she is performing better than predicted.

The comfort of her interior is outstanding and it’s no wonder Avelino is so happy with his new acquisition, as it can be reckoned by the broad smile in his face. It was amazing what Flavio Rodrigues, the builder, managed to fit in the interior of our hull design. The original inside layout is somewhat more modest.

You don’t believe this boat is just a twenty-eight footer. Such a successful result in Flavio’s trial in finding an alternative style for the Southern Voyager 28 was a great incentive for us to design a new plan with the same lines of MarouBar, the next product to be introduced in our line of stock plans, the Curruira 33.

Can you believe this is the galley of a 28 foot trawler?

Displacement trawlers have all to do with the new times. Requiring low power and smaller engines to obtain hull speed, in contrast with the planning hull, which needs an absurd amount of power to lift the hull from the water, the displacing hulls are incomparably more politically correct leasure crafts. We are quite convinced that the pleasures a trawler can proportionate has nothing to do with brute speed, which is, in our way of thinking, quite a questionable sensation of accomplishment, but instead in its long range capability and the comfort of navigating without slamming, never mentioning the fuel-friendly consumption.

The video that Ivan, Flavio’s son, produced, is very agreeable to be seen, and probably will seduce newcomers to the sport of motor-cruising. We missed only the video not being a bit longer. Even though the footage is spoken in Portuguese, the expression of happiness printed in Avelino’s face is a universal language and doesn’t require subtitles. Now we are pretty confident that the Curruira 33 has a good chance to do a roaring trade, since it will be an enlarged version of the Maroubar.

Avelino Cruz testing the steering wheel in his navigation station

Southern Voyager 28. The construction of Retriever in City Bell, Argentina

Ariel Mauriño, with the help of his brother, just concluded the construction of the hull of his trawler Retriever, a Southern Voyager 28 he is building in his home garden at City Bell, a suburb east of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The SV 28 round bilge hull is ideal for strip-plank construction.
Rendered image:

The SV28 layout is adequate for living aboard for long periods.

The two brothers managed to build the hull with no difficulties. They seldom consulted our office for any information, some of their doubts caused by the fact that the building manual is written in English, a language in which they are not so fluent.

They were lucky for having a neighbor, Daniel D’Angelo, who already built a boat from our plans, the Samoa 28 Sirius. It is amazing how could happen that in a pleasant high middleclass residential suburb in an overseas country were to be found two amateurs building two different boats designed by our office just a few blocks away one from the other. Of course in a small place like that somebody who builds a yacht in his garden soon becomes a celebrity. So in no time the Mauriños became acquainted with Daniel, actually before they decided to build Retriever.

Daniel, a geologist by trade, had already gained fame among our builders for being the first person to finish a Samoa 28, which he built in his months off from his work in drilling rigs. What was most striking in Sirius construction was the fact that he built it in record time, being the first to conclude the construction of one of these boats, in spite of not being the first to start. Besides, what a quality he managed to obtain!

Being an acquaintance of the Mauriño brothers, Daniel, for sure, was a good adviser, besides giving them a hand whenever they needed.

The Southern Voyager 28 is a round bilge boat specified for strip-plank construction. This building technique is very popular among amateur builders, for its simplicity and for the nice-looking and strong hulls obtained by this process.

What pleased us most in the Mauriño’s job was the perfect fairing of hull they managed to obtain. Their beveling of stem, keel and frames were just perfect and the resulting hull is outstanding.

The two videos they sent us are quite pleasant with a sound track to match, with very appropriate choice of Astor Piazzolla compositions to illustrate the work of two Argentinean brothers.


Jabirico, a little ship in the heart of the South American Plateau

Jabirico, a Southern Voyager 28 built by Flab Boatyard,, from Campinas, State o Sao Paulo, Brazil, was delivered to her owner, Joaquim Vasconcellos Ferreira, a retired Merchant Navy Captain who presently lives in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, a city placed one thousand metres above sea level, and one thousand miles away from the nearest shore in the South Atlantic.

Jabirico being launched in Lake Paranoá, the capital’s artificial lake built during the construction of the city.
Courtesy: Flab Boatyard

Being a former overseas navy officer, Joaquim can’t live distant from his beloved ships. So, not being able to bring them close to him, he ordered a miniature one to Flab Boatyard, and now he is the proud captain of the only “ship” crossing the “infamous” waters of that pond.

Joaquim asked the builder to customize the style of the cabin to his taste, inverting the angle of the pilot-house front walls, as they use to be in ships, this way letting him much more at home aboard his motorboat.

The Southern Voyager 28 is a displacement trawler, designed with gentle round bilge waterlines, which makes her passage through the water as swift as a swan. She is making 7.2 knots at full throttle, and 6.5 knots at cruising speed, what is in accordance with its VPP, considering she is a 28 foot, long range, displacement hull.

We know that for a while Joaquim will be pleased with the perspective of gunkholing with his little “ship” around the placid waters of Lake Paranoá. However, as the old salt he is, it is difficult to predict if he will manage to resist the temptation of bringing her to where she belongs, the open sea.

Southern Voyager 28, the trawler with a different style.

We are surprised with the increasing number of builders who are managing to finish the construction of SV28 hulls. About every fortnight we are receiving photos of a hull of this class ready to be turned upside, or in the last stages of the planking process. It seems that each builder gets much exited when he completes the fabrication of the moulded frames, and from then on he can hardly hold his anxiety to see his hull planked. We do not know if this is because the hull shape is so friendly with the strips, or if it is because the hull lines are so charming.

We are accustomed to seeing trawler hulls resembling old motor yachts with V-bottoms that can not plane and design styles capable of pleasing the Great Gatsby and people of his generation. Round bilge displacement hulls with waterlines more commonly seen in sailing yachts, like our SV28, are practically non-existent. Perhaps that is why our builders fall in love with their creations. However, we have no doubt that this is just the beginning of a steady enthusiasm. Building the interior is also exciting and when the trawler begins to resemble a small long range expedition craft, from then on, the builder finds difficulty in interrupting his work late in the evenings to go to sleep.

Well, let us show some photos of two of these constructions:

Southern Voyager 28 built by Karl Michael Stegman
Southern Voyager 28 built in Santos, Brazil, by Luis Ernesto Domingues.      
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About the Southern Voyager 28

The Southern Voyager 28 is a compact trawler with many unique features that distinguish her from other motor yachts of her size. Being a beamy round bilge hull of displacement type with plenty of reserve buoyancy on her extremities, and possessing a large tank capacity for her length, the SV28 is characterized for her seaworthiness and a smooth passage through the water, besides possessing an uncommon long range of operation. This means she is a craft superbly suited for open sea navigation. On the other hand, the volume of her interior affords a living space comparable to much larger yachts.

Designed for amateur or professional construction, but having especially in mind the do-it yourself builder, she is a sturdy mid-displacement hull, and, if built according to the specifications stated in the plans and following the recommendations contained in the building manual, she will become a long lasting, low maintenance boat, capable of providing a full life of enjoyable experiences.
The construction of the SV28 is simple and straightforward. It begins with the fabrication of cold moulded frames, beams and a stem post on a lamination table, something quite easy to be made, even by the most inexperienced builder. Frames and beams coincide with stations, allowing assembling them in rings, bulkhead type, which will constitute her transverse structure, and will be a major part of the transverse interior layout.

This transverse structure, together with a laminated stem and a pre-fabricated transom, are assembled on a building grid, over them being laid the wooden strips that constitute the hull’s planking. When the hull is completed, it is turned upside and her interior is built, using primarily marine plywood for its construction. The superstructure is made with plywood attached to the laminated beams of each station, and then sheathed with a fibreglass lamination.

For those who like doing jobs with their own hands, especially those who appreciate working with wood, nothing compares with the enjoyment of building a boat specified for wood-epoxy construction. The work is neither heavy nor particularly difficult, and the satisfaction obtained from the conclusion of each step of the construction is priceless.

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Southern Voyager 28, a compact live-aboard 28 foot trawler

People from the most different places are beginning to discover this unique trawler that we designed entirely in accordance with our own way of thinking, solemnly ignoring the opinion of many motorboat experts. Our idea about trawlers always was designing miniature ships with hull lines resembling the traditional whalers, for seaworthiness, and capable of performing long distances cruises, with water and fuel supplies seldom found in boats of same size.  When we decided to design a displacement type 28 foot trawler, we intended to provide her with enough creature comfort for a couple to live aboard, with the possibility of receiving up to four guests for short intervals. This boat should be capable of professional usage, like small diving school business, or free-lance charter. Of course, if an activity which can be performed on line via web was the choice, enough space in its interior layout should be provided for that purpose.
We designed this boat.  There is already at least one of these boats in operation and many others being constructed in the most varied places. This is the surprising Southern Voyager 28. The interior layout we show below say a lot about the comfort of her accommodations.

Interior layout of the Southern Voyager 28

The Southern 28 is a boat of the type living room, sleeping quarters, bathroom and a compact galley, not forgetting the verandah on the aft deck, the best place to relax after a stressing day spent at any office illuminated by fluorescent lights. Besides, her range is unmatched by practically all other trawlers of her size. With a 420l diesel tank she is capable of cruising for one thousand miles without requiring refueling. The only point that may not please some boaters is the fact that her top speed is more compatible with sailing crafts. Those who prefer high speed performance must definitivelly choose another hull shape.

The first client to launch a SV28 was Aristeu Cruz, a Brazilian resident at Curitiba, the capital of Parana State, a luttier by trade, (imagine how well finished his boat became), however, as a boat builder he was a totally inexperienced amateur.
He built his Vida Nova (new life in Portuguese) practically unassisted in his house garden. When he launched Vida Dura in the port town of Paranagua, he wrote us this eloquent e-mail:

Hi, folks
It is with great pleasure that I inform you about the successful launching of my SV28 Vida Nova. I have no words to express the emotion I felt when seeing her floating in her own element, watching her impressive hull shape, not mentioning her excellent stability and a surprisingly higher speed than what I have been expecting. All this, I assure you, is absolutely priceless.
I am thankful to the B & G Yacht Design team for proportioning this wonderful design, the Southern Voyager 28. Congratulation, and I wish lots of success for you all.
Aristeu Cruz.  

We have already many other clients in the most varied places and of the most different trades who chose the SV28 as their boats. One of them is Heitor Frossard, a biologist who is building his boat in a town in the interior of the sate of São Paulo, Brazil. He intends to live aboard and perform surveys in his field of knowledge, travelling along the Brazilian coast, using his boat as means of transportation. Another client is the retired merchant navy officer Joaquim Vasconcelos Ferreira. He is from Brasilia, the capital of the country, and instead of constructing himself, he preferred to order his SV28 to Flab boatyard, from Campinas, state of São Paulo. He intends to use his boat as an apartment when he will be on vacations, keeping her in a marine at Rio de Janeiro, and when using her, he expects to bring back some of his good memoirs from the time he was the captain of a 250,000 tons ship. There are so many other stories to tell…and how many others will come, like probably will happen with our most recent client, a yachtsman from Turkey.

Joaquim Vasconcelos Ferreira and his two sons watch with great emotion the turning upside of their SV28 hull, being built at Flab boatyard.

Southern Voyager 28 built by Flab boatyard

We have reported the conclusion of construction and turning over parties promoted by Flab Boatyard in various occasions since this excellent custom yard began its activities.
Now the boat in question is a Southern Voyager 28 trawler, which hull was turned upside last June 28. As usual, the quality of the construction is striking, and the retired Merchant Navy officer Joaquim Vasconcelos Ferreira, the happy owner, sported a smile from ear to ear for the duration of the party.
The sequence of photos sent us by Flab Boatyard owner, Flavio Rodrigues are eloquent witnesses of the beauty of the hull, and those who love wooden construction will understand the reason for Joaquim's pride and happiness.

Flavio sent us an e-mail where he expressed his feelings about the event:

To build custom boats is a very rewarding activity, and building boats designed by B & G Yacht Design is an honour, and yet, obtaining such a group of friends among my clients, suppliers and supporters of my boatyard is a privilege that few can boast to have acquired in a professional career.
Joaquim's boat turning over party was another occasion not to be forgotten. We all missed your presence but other opportunities to have you with us for sure will come.
Our love to you, especially to Eileen, the mother of all B & G Yacht Design boats.

The SV28 is a wooden power boat of displacement type. Her plans are intended for amateur or custom construction. The building method employed in the construction of the SV28 is strip planking laid over cold moulded laminated frames for the hull, and marine plywood sheathed with fibreglass for the superstructure. The interior is made with plywood. All parts of the construction are bonded with epoxy glue, resulting in a monoblock structure of great strength and durability.

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More about the Southern Voyager 28

Voyaging through the web we found a site, with an interesting comments about our SV28 trawler:

‘A designer that is currently moving from Rio de Janeiro to Perth, Australia, Roberto Barros has some interesting designs to examine, mostly sail craft, but a few power boats.
Designs are available in “ply-glass, steel or aluminium”. Most of the power yachts have a sailboat hull look to them (fairly beamy). Mr. Barros has some interesting interior designs, again seeming to borrow from some of the sailing designs.
Getting berths for six in a 28' boat sounds tight, but by stacking them “bunk” style with the uppers designed to fold to become seat backs it seems that he had managed it…'

The person who wrote the text above is a good observer. He is precise in stating that some of our trawler designs have a sailboat hull look.  The reason for that is quite simple: our trawlers are of displacement type hulls and their smooth waterlines do not differ much from sailboat waterlines. The semi-planing concept of trawler hulls is neither fish nor fowl. Trawlers advertised as semi-planing, for obvious reasons, are never shown travelling at full throttle in their advertisements. The Southern Voyager 28, with its large tank capacity, is capable of travelling for long distances without needing to refuel, and this is the design intention.
About possessing comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to six adults, this is due to the fact that the SV28 is a really large trawler for her l.o.a. Watching the photos of guests entering Joaquim's just turned upside hull, dissipates any doubt about this capability.

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Southern Voyager 28 Fantasy

Our client Aristeu Cruz, from Curitiba, Southern Brazil, the first builder to complete a Southern Voyager 28 construction, sent us the photos of his Nova Vida (New Life) with her hull decorated much in the stile of "graffiti" artists. If his fantasies are up to the satisfaction his boat is bringing him, he probably is one of the happiest men on earth.
We from Roberto Barros Yacht Design are absolutely fascinated with his imagination.
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This last October, Aristeu Cruz, an amateur boat builder from the city of Curitiba, turned upside the hull he built in his back yard of the first Southern Voyager 28 trawler to reach this stage.
When we received the photos of the hull already turned upside, a person for this design was an incentive for us to produce a refined studwith a person standing alongside, it really impressed us the amount of internal volume of this design.
The enthusiasm of many trawler sy of exterior presentation in a 3D design. This will give a better opportunity to visualise the shape of this surprisingly large 28-foot motor yacht.
An easy to build trawler of this size with so many interesting features is difficult to be found, and we will proudly publish in our site the rapid development of the construction of the first units being built in different localities.
If you are interested in building a Southern Voyager 28, you are welcome to contact us for more detailed information about the plans.
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