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Polar 65

Sail plan and rigging

The Polar 65 is a cutter-rigged ketch. The emphasis of the design was focused in functionality and robustness. According to the opinion of the most experienced skippers that operate in Austral waters, double forestays, each one with its furler is the most practical way to handle fore sails. The heavy weather jib is hooked to the mid stay instead of employing a furler. We opted for suppressing runners, bringing more simplicity to the manoeuvres, and in its place we installed two permanent stays parallel to the aft lower shrouds. The idea was to avoid swept back spreaders, this way keeping the main sail away from their tips. Once there are no overlapping foresails, shrouds chain plates are located close to the topsides saving the mast from excessive compression.
The mainsail has a raised tack and its traveller and sheet control are placed on top of the pilothouse coachroof. The main mast is back stayed by two independent wires. The mizzenmast has its own stays and profiting from the long stern scoop it's served by two permanent backstays. Two other permanent fore stays and a jumper complete the mizzen mast support fore and aft. The mizzen sheet is anchored to a pad eye on the cockpit floor and the control is from the pilothouses coach roof. On ocean crossings, as is the case with all ketches, a mizzen staysail may be employed, enriching considerably the pleasure of sailing.