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Polar 65

- Deck layout

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The Polar 65 is a flush deck ketch with a pilothouse. Abaft the fore mast at centreline is located the cover for the swing keel case slot. At that cover there is a laminated glass port that permits the visual inspection of the lifting operation from the deck level. The fore deck, in front of the main mast, is a clean working area. The bollard, mid and fore stay chain plates and the electric windlass are fitted there. An 800 mm x 800 hatch gives the only access to the watertight foc´s´le. If a rigid bottom inflatable is to be carried aboard, the fore deck is the best place to stow it. Columns support main and mizzenmasts so there is no need to worry about leakages at mast carlings. At each side of the main mast are placed backrests, a must in such a wide deck. The foresail fairlead tracks are located at both sides of the keel case slot. Once the fore sails, except for a gennaker, aren't overlapping, the other pair of shroud chain plates is placed close to the topsides. Abaft the keel case it's placed the windowed pilothouse with the mainsail traveller and main sail and mizzen sheet controls leading to the afterside of the coachroof.
The cockpit is surrounded by a coaming except at the aft centre portion, which is open to the boarding platform, allowing water to drain out and giving a comfortable access to the boat. The outside steering wheel is placed to port at the fore side of the cockpit.
The boat is provided with hatches for the various compartments as well as cowl ventilators coupled with dorade boxes.