Pop Alu 32

Pop Alu 32

It is now ready for shipment the new Pop Alu 32 design!

And the first unit has been sent already to our client Walter Baitella, from Argentina.
Walter came to see us in Rio Grande to learn more about the design, and decided that he would be the first builder of this new aluminum cruising sailboat that packs lots of exciting  features.
We delayed our departure from Rio Grande in order to deliver the complete set of plans, including the set of CNC cutting files.

New design: Pop Alu 32

Soon we will be launching a new design, the Pop Alu 32. Pop because it is intended to popularize aluminium construction in smaller sizes than usual. Needless to say, it is for aluminium construction.

As the name suggests, the design has some points in common with the latest release from B & G Yacht Design, the Pop 25. Even though this is a bigger boat, its lines and appendages follow the same philosophy, of modern boats that aim to offer their owners safe and fast ocean crossings.

The monohulls of today that sail the remotest and more dangerous stretches of water in the planet are the IMOCA 60, and it is easy to see some similarities with these bigger designs on our latest plans.

The Pop Alu 32 can be totally pre-cut from CNC cutting files, and the type of structure is a mix of semi self-supporting hull in 8mm plate and conventionally structured deck in 5mm plate, which saves weight where it is not needed, aloft, while also saving in building costs.

Having only 6 full length seams along the hull, the amount of welding is greatly reduced, and the assembly is to be done with the boat upright, avoiding the normally costly operation to turn the hull for the deck and interior building.

The Keels have a cylindrical bulb, which is also one of the easiest types to build. The steering system is very robust, with a pivoting platform that covers all moving parts except the tiller, leaving a clean and open access to the cockpit from the stern when the tiller is lifted.

The option for two keels is justified by bringing shallow draft and the possibility to beach the boat in an upright position. This can represent economy when the time to clean or inspect the hull comes, as well as affording the access to moorings that dry out. The safety is also enhanced when a boat can enter shallower places to seek shelter.

The layout will be classical, with a stern cabin and a front V berth forward of the dinette, head and galley next to the companionway access and a nav station and table seldom found in boats of this size. The nav table can convert into a comfortable office space for those who decide to make the Pop Alu 32 their dwelling on the ocean.

Amongst the facilities offered to the builder are the cutting files also for the interior woodwork panels, affording a fit out in record time.

The set of CNC cutting files for the whole aluminium structure shall be available as shortly as next month, and the whole set of plans in a couple of months.

We believe that this new concept in cruising boats will be well received by the American and Brazilian publics, as it is in Europe, where a number of production boats already assimilates the developments in design brought about by the great round the world races like Volvo Ocean Race and Vendée Globe.

The design makes no concessions to safety, having a great range of stability and adding this to a hyper-robust aluminium construction to offer the potential builders a long range cruiser at a reduced cost that can be built fast.
If you would like to know more about the Pop Alu 32 send us an email at info@yachtdesign.com.br or luisdesenhos@gmail.com.

Pop Alu 32 – Techinal data

- Length Overall 9.98 m
- Hull Lenth 9.50 m
- Length on the Waterline 8.607 m
- Beam Overall 3.32 m
- Beam on the Waterline 3.07 m
- Canoe Body Draught 0.37 m
- Draught 1.28 m
- Design Displacement 4600 Kg
- Light Displacement 4400 Kg
- Maximum Load 5400 Kg
- Ballast + Keel structure weight 1218 Kg (940 Kg Pb)
- Hull Wetted Surface 21 m2 (25 m2 includding keels)
- Sail Area 45.4 m2
- Prismatic Coeficient 0.52
- Displacement/Length Ratio 203
- Sail Area/ Wetted Surface Ratio 2.2
- Static Stability Index (STIX) 34.6 - Class A

Note: Some values may be altered untill the release of the design
Some pictues can show different rigging options