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Multichine 45

Taking into account the increasing popularity among cruising sailors for steel yacht construction, we decided to develop a new boat to be built with this process in mind.
This design, the Multichine 45, is a sturdy and stable sailboat of a very modern style, capable of sailing in any latitude in confort and safety.
The interior arrangement chosen has been considered very attractive by most sailors who became acquainted with the design. At any rate, it is the only boat of this size we know of with three cabins, one en suite, a second head with shower, an elevated navigation area with inside steering, a very ample and functional galley and a handy pilot berth close to the main hatch.
With a flush fore deck, an ellegant cabin trunk behind the mast, a good sized cockpit well and a huge transom platform, the Multichine 45 has a very convenient lay-out for extended cruising.
Many other features place the Multichine 45 as a favorite among cruisers , as large capacity integrated water and fuel tanks, deep bilge with enough space to house a generator, dessalinator, refrigeration and other equipment, and easy access for maintenance. We provided this yacht with adequate natural ventilation, even so most owners will install air conditioning throughout. Safety is also at a high level. Besides the imense strenght associated with steel construction the structure is enhanced by two watertight bulkheads, providing three floodable compartments, any two of them being sufficient to keep the boat afloat.
Nowadays most people have sparse spare time for leisure, so if you have a fast boat you can do much more in a tight schedule. In this respect the Multichine 45 is also succesfull. Surpassing easily eight knots in speed, this design is capable of providing fast passages, sometimes with daily runs above 200 miles. Up-wind performance is very impressive too, thanks to her carefully designed underbody, bulbous finn-keel and high aspect ratio sail plan.
With a draft of only two meters this boat is in equal terms, concerning cruising range, with most forty footers. The rudder is protected by a skeg and the design is very well balanced, resulting in effortless steering in most conditions.
Scirocco, the first Multichine 45 to sail, is a magnificent yacht. Her almost plumb stern, tall rig, and ellegant cabin trunk and large transom, give her a distinctive silhouette. Despite the boat having just been launched, her owner is already starting a circumnavigation.
The first trials showed a very impressive performance and a seaworthy behavior above expectations. Presently Scirocco is sailing north with plans to be in the Caribean before the end of the year.