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Multichine 45

MC 45 being built in South Korea

These are the photos of our MC45 being built in South Korea. Employing CNC cutting and aluminium construction, this boat is going to be our first metallic boat built in Korea.

This design has already excellent examples sailing in the Atlantic Ocean, and their owners are very pleased with their boats. This one however is going to be the pioneer in Asia. Considering the excellence of metallic construction in that country, we have enough reasons to believe that soon we will be seeing a super yacht sailing in North Pacific waters.

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We received these excellent photos of Brava sailing in Ilha Grande Bay.

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hello Luis and Roberto.
As promised, I'm attaching a few photos of the MC 45 Brava during her dellivery trip. Notice how she seems not to take notice of the bad weathe.
Regands - Moeller
Metallic Boats .

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Right in the heart of the Brazilian Pampas is placed Triunfo; a country town of beautiful surroundings inhabited by friendly people most of them of European origin.
The original agricultural inclination of it's economy is presently being replaced by industrial activities, where new plants are invited to be establish there, receiving for that purpose tax incentives.
Ten years ago, taking advantage of that policy, Metallic Boats, a boatyard specialised in steel and aluminium construction, opened a new plant there, and since then is producing one of the best series of metallic cruising yachts in the country.
The first order received by the just established company was for the construction of a 45-foot steel yacht, the MC45, one of our stock plans.
Their client, Luiz Augusto Scarante, an engineer from the state of Paraná, southern Brazil, wished an easy to handle yacht to go overseas in extended cruises, having his wife as crew, despite both of them possessing very little if any previous experience in sailing.
Metallic Boats magnificently built this boat, the Scirocco. After launching, she sailed in an uneventful trip, from the city of Porto Alegre, to Scarante's homeport, Paranaguá, some five hundred miles away.
Aboard was the president of Metallic Boats, Jose Antonio Moeller, an old salt who formerly had been a professional skipper of large yachts.
After a very successful passage, when Scirocco showed many of her virtues, Scarante spent some time in getting acquainted with his new craft. And shortly after, when he felt fit enough to assume the command of such a large yacht, he started in company of his wife, a long cruise bound for the Caribbean, where he spent over two years, gunkholing along the Windward Islands.
During the hurricane season he took Scirocco to Chaguaranas, Trinidad Tobago, where he found a marina with a VIP pier having five fingers reserved for the most striking yachts stationed there. On that occasion Scirocco had been invited to stay at this pier, an honour for her owner.
Since Scirocco's launching, Metallic boats concentrated its production on three main models designed by our office: The MC45, MC41 and MC36.
Various excellent boats of these series were built and their high standards of construction and finishing brought local recognition to the boatyard.
As most of the clients intended to go for important long distance cruises, the good name of the yard will soon be spread beyond the present regional market.
For that matter we believe that Metallic Boats is ready to expand its sales to the overseas market, considering the favourable cost of labour and the professional skill of its staff.
For those who consider the construction of a yacht at Metallic Boats, we are glad to say that the region is a place worth visiting, be it for the beauty of its scenery or for the friendliness of its people. So a visit to the boat yard, besides being an attractive possibility for good business, is also an opportunity for an interesting tourism

Dear Cabinho and Luis,

I am very happy to send you news on BRAVA, our new Multichine 45. After 1 year and 9 months of construction, BRAVA was launched on August 8, 2005, on the Metallic Boats shipyard, in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul. The launching made me think back about the conversations we had at the end of 2003, when buying a new boat was only an idea and I was still examining whether the Multichine 45 would be the right boat for my family and where to build her.

I now feel I made two very good decisions. The project is great, as it brilliantly grasps the advantages of a boat with lots of space, extremely strong, very stable and even fast, if we consider that this is a cruising boat. All these characteristics assure a very comfortable and safe journey for crew on long passages even when the weather is not at its best.

As for the shipyard, as you had assured me 2 years ago, Metallic Boats had an impeccable performance. This is the forth boat that I build and, in spite of her being the largest, the whole construction was very organized and free from bad surprises. The shipyard is extremely competent and every aspect of the construction was rigorously carried out in accordance with what had been agreed. Moeller, the owner of the yard, has a long experience as a professional skipper of large ocean sailing boats, both on races and cruises, and he supervises directly each construction detail. His opinions and suggestions concerning equipment and various technical solutions were of great assistance to me.

For all the above, I thank you once again very much for all the help and assistance you always extended to me and invite you to sail with us in Rio de Janeiro, as soon as the boat arrives from Rio Grande do Sul, which I expect to happen in December.

With kind regards,

Hugo S. Stoffel