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Multichine 28

Plan Number Scale Description
Lines Plan 1 1:20 Side and top view, sections and table of offsets
Sail Plan 2 1:20 Mast, rig and sails Cruising plan and cruiser/racer plan
Arrangement Plan 3 1:20 Interior layout. Top and sides view (port and starboard).
Deck Plan 4 1:20 Deck layout, hatches, deck hardware. Deck table of offsets.
Construction Plan 5 1:20 Construction of hull and deck, frames, bulkheads, stiffeners. Material and construction details (skeg, engine bed, rudder).
Transverse sections 6A 1:10 All 12 sections. Details of interior layout, structural reinforcements and basic equipment installation. Cabin construction and hull deck joint details.
Transverse structure 6B 1:10 Cut-out of plywood parts on all transverse sections, including details for fixing frames on top of the strong back.
Keel 7A 1:5 Specific plan for building the keel model.  Keel fastening specifications. Floors detailed.
Transom platform 8 varied Construction plan for the transom platform (scale 1:10) and boarding ladder (scale 1:2).
Custom fitting 9A 1:1 and 1:2 All special fitting detailed for construction and fastening
Pushpit 9B 1:2 Construction plan for pushpit
Full Size Paterns 0A, 0B, 0C,0D, 0E, 0F 1:1 Transverse sections ready for cutting out the plywood. Include hull, deck, cabin trunk, cockpit and coaming.
Full Size Paterns 0G 1:1 Stem and Stem cap -Full size patterns
Aditional Plans      
Dinghy Caravela 1.7 Complete plans This dinghy is designed to fit on the Foredeck of the Multichines 28 and 34.  Free plans (See our list of stock plans)
Mast Plan 1:2 1:2 For who wants to build his own mast we supply the designs for all the fittings to be put on an aluminium profile.
Additional cost: U$ 200,00.
Optional spade rudder and extended hull under platform 8B & 8C 1:5 & 1:1

Construction plan of extended platform and spade rudder details. These plans are intended for those who prefer spade rudder.

The plans are available with no extra cost.

It is included in the Multichine 28 stock plan a building manual with a comprehensive description of all phases of the construction, besides supplying general information concerning boat building employing the plywood/epoxy building method. This building manual is an important factor in assisting the inexperienced builder in obtaining a high standard of construction all along the building process.

Since this manual was written during the building of two boats of the class, the MC 28 Makai and Fiu, as their constructions were advancing; all tips related in the text were tested by us on those very successful boats, giving us a high degree assuredness about the accuracy of the information contained in the manual.