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Multichine 28

Spars and Rigging  - Cruising Version

The MC28 in its cruising version is a top-rigged sloop with one pair of spreaders and two pairs of lowers. This is the simplest and most reliable rigging possible, since it is supported by four lower shrouds making a X at about mid-mast height and two stays, together with two shrouds, making a cross at the top. This configuration provides an immensely rigid spar, having everything to do with the purpose of the boat of being the ultimate cruising twenty-eight foot sailboat rated as category A, according to the European Union norms of stability for monohulls (STIX).

The mast moments of inertia are a bit oversized, while the mast total length is modest if compared with production yachts of about the same size, so the safety margin of the spar and rigging are very high indeed, something really appreciated by our typical client who wants to accomplish extended cruising.

Mast Overall Length



10.30 m 170 cm4 580 cm4




Lenght between pins

Upper terminal

Lower terminal


7 mm 1 10.94 m Norseman eye Norseman fork

Upper shrouds

6 mm 2 10.60 m Norseman T Nors. fork turnbuckle

Forward lower shrouds

6 mm 2 4.97 m Norseman T Nors. fork turnbuckle

Back lower shrouds

6 mm 2 5.27 m Norseman T Nors. fork turnbuckle


6 mm 1 8.36 m Norseman eye Norseman fork

Split backstay

6 mm 2 3.05 m Norseman fork Nors. fork turnbuckle

Spars and Rigging - Club-Racing Version

In view of the request of some of our clients who had no intention in accomplishing any sort of cruising, but had a keen interest in participating in club races, we decided to include a performance oriented sail plan in the package of the MC28, with larger sail area and taller aspect ratio, which required a new design for spars and rigging, increasing the mast and boom total lengths and adding another pair of spreaders to the mast. This version is already available and is part of the list of plans at no extra cost. 

For those sailors we developed the MC28 cruiser-racer sail plan. In this case the boat is no more Cat . A, according to the norms of the European Union for monohull sailboats stability index (STIX), but complies as Cat . B, as is the case with almost the totality of boats smaller than thirty feet. Even though in this case the boats are no more considered of non- restrict scope for offshore sailing, they still are capable of performing ocean crossings, if not required to perform under extremely demanding conditions. The European Union does not forbid cat. B yachts to cross oceans, however boats of this class are more adequate for coastal sailing

For those who prefer the more racing oriented sail plan, this is already available and is part of the package contained in the list of plans, with no extra cost.