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Multichine 28

What Makes the Multichine 28 a Special Boat for Amateur Construction
  1. Very well detailed drawings. Simple constructive solutions.
  2. Full scale transverse sections patterns.
  3. Building Manuel explaining the construction step by step.
  4. Detailed explanations about installations: plumbing, electrical and propulsion.
  5. Colour photos of various stages of construction.
  6. List of main building materials, with specifications and quantities.
  7. List of equipment with suggestions of trade marks.
  8. Detailed designs in large scale for all the custom fittings employed in the construction.

Other reasons that make the Multichine 28 a very special choice of cruising boat

  • Full usage of interior space resulting in a surprisingly comfortable inside layout for a boat this size. Four adults sleep comfortably in two 6 feet 6 inches double berths.
  • Aft cabin with privacy, standing headroom, a convenient seat, plenty of lockers and a large sized double berth.
  • A galley more commonly found in boats five feet longer. A one hundred litres icebox easily adaptable for the installation of an electric refrigerator. Two sinks with a handy storage well in front. Lockers behind the stove and counter.
  • Navigation table almost square in shape. The navigator may choose to sit at the aft end of the starboard settee, or stay standing up, supported by the galley counter.
  • A complete heads, with shower, sink, locker and a 1,80 m (5f 11in) headroom on top of the shower sump. Deep lazzarette to starboard aft, allowing storage of long items like oars, awnings, etc
  • Spacious engine compartment with accessibility from all sides and above. Once the engine is located exactly under the main hatch, placing or removing it is quite easy.
  • High capacity water and diesel tanks integrated to hull and furniture. An internal fibreglass lamination saturated in epoxy resin makes durable, absolutely leak proof tanks, cheap to build and maintenance free.
  • Profusion of lockers and stowage space. Twelve lockers and two bookshelves in the main saloon. Lots of room under the settee and forward berths. Navigation table with large stowage under and three drawers plus a locker big enough for a person to get inside it under the two sinks, and many others in the aft cabin and heads compartment. Finally the self draining gas locker has enough room for seven 3,5 litres gas bottles.
  • Cabin trunk with 360-degree vision and three opening ports. Two hatches and four Dorade Boxes for continuous ventilation.
  • The boat may be lifted by way of a strop fixed to the keel bolts by a five-ton capacity crane without the need of belts. All that is required is to remove a solar vent from the coach roof and attach the wire cables to the keel fittings installed for this purpose. If a hatch is installed on the coach-roof , it jus suffices to open it.
  • Absolute water-tightness all over the boat thanks to the fibreglas seamless encapsulation of hull and deck.
  • Long lasting, low maintenance boat’s life, thanks to an inside epoxy saturation throughout. No condition for the development of undesirable fungus.
  • Large flush fore deck with room for stowing a dinghy when under sail
  • Ergonometric and uncluttered cockpit. Once the mainsheet traveler is placed forward of the main hatch, it is possible to make a dodger large enough to protect the area of the bridge deck
  • An exclusive feature of the project is the solid dinghy designed to fit the Multichine 28 foredeck. With four hundred litres flotation compartments it is intended to be used as a tender and lifesaver. Leeboards, rudder, mast, boom and sail are stowed under the two removable seats. Perhaps the most unusual detail of this dinghy is its self draining cockpit with a pair of one-design type draining plugs. This is much appreciated when a summer shower floods the dinghy. Instead of getting wet to bail, just open the plugs and the water will drain in minutes.
  • Shallow draught bulbous keel. A good compromise for gunk holing or ocean passages.
  • Very good performance for a 28 foot cruising boat in all points of sail. Easy steering thanks to a proper balance of the spade rudder.
  • Besides these qualities, there are many other subtle details that place the Multichine 28 as a very innovative and very special cruising sailboat. This is probably why the class is growing so fast. In August 2009 there are already more than forty boats of the class sailing and more than one hundred fifty boats being built in ten different countries. Considering the great appeal of the design and its good reputation, the Multichine 28 is becoming a symbol of offshore cruising boat for amateur construction.