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Multichine 28

Welcome to the Multichine 28 page. This page will give you an extensive account about the many aspects of this offshore cruising sailboat. Following the links, you will find one of the most comprehensive descriptions of a stock plan you can find in any yacht design site. Such a thorough lecture about this boat has a clear and definite intention. It is the best way we find to demonstrate how special this design is.

The Dream. Photoshop:

There are sailboats of this size which are intended for amateur construction, and there are twenty-eight footers capable of accomplishing offshore passages; however joining these two features in one specific design is quite a different matter.

The MC28, concerning its structural integrity, is undoubtedly over-dimensioned. Also its stability is superb what gives the design a status of a seaworthy craft. And yet, its interior layout is one of the most comfortable you can find in boats this size.

If you want to own a cruising boat and are interested in building it yourself, it is of  utmost importance that your commitment will be crowned by obtaining a high quality yacht at the end of your work. Even though the challenge of building your boat may be fascinating, it represents hard work and significant expense.

The Glory – Launching day. Photo Arapoan Fernandes

The MC28 is already tested since a long time, and the builders who already launched their boats are really pleased with their choice. It is the success of the class that assures us of the adequacy of the design for the purposes it was intended for. When our clients discover the true dimension of their accomplishments, they become firm supporters of the class and their boats use to be desired by other sailors as the symbol of the ideal cruising yacht of that size.

We believe that it will be less feasible in the next future to proceed with a consumerist attitude of acquiring goods to be discarded a few years later for something slightly different, sometimes of lesser quality. This is the case with cruising sailboats. If you intend to perform long distance cruising, you are probably not interested in fancy fashionable details, but instead you will be more interested in reliability and durability of your boat.

When you decide for a home or custom construction, it does not make sense that you will try to make savings in applying lesser quality materials. Also small time consuming tasks, like for instance, saturating plywood with epoxy, there is no point in suppressing this operation that represents a great difference of quality in the long run   

The Reward: Living Aboard MC 28 Atairu. Photo Antonio Piqueres