Green Flash - ILC 25

Few yacht design offices are equally at home producing either blue water cruising sail boats or I.M.S. hot racing machines. Maybe this is possible with our staff because we equally love these two different fields and our naval architects are capable of dealing with the intricacies of the rule.
It is true that top level racing designs require a much higher technical know-how to produce a winner than is necessary to create an equivalently succesfull cruising machine. For our naval architects the challenge of optimizing an ILC design is one of the most gratifying tasks to be involved.
With this goal in mind we develloped the plans of this ILC 25. This boat is calibrated for high and medium wind conditions with emphasis in an all around performance concerning the sea state. In case this design is to be campaigned in an area of radically different conditions, we are prepared to adapt the plans for that region.

Lenght Overall (LOA):
7.50 m
Sailing Waterline (L):
6.747 m
Maximum Beam (MB):
2.67 m
1.65 m
1245 kg
E-Glass / Foam-core

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