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Green Flash 33

We are introducing in our list of stock plans the Green Flash 33, a new high performance sailing yacht, the fastest sail boat of this size we ever designed. This boat is intended for those who want to sail an authentic racing machine with accommodations for cruising as well.
With a retractable keel, the Green Flash 33 is capable of entering shallow waters when required, an important factor when the nearest hauling ramp is intended for small runabouts and centreboard one designs.
The Green Flash 33 has a main sail of large area and a leech with a generous roach. Besides, a retractable bowsprit allows the employment of a good-sized gennaker. The fin keel with a bulb where most of its weight is placed, ensures high stability to hold the boat upright in fresh breezes. With these exciting characteristics the Green Flash 33 has all elements to seize the most exigent of sailors.