Green Flash Mount Gay 30

This thrilling class is attracting the attention of many keen sailors world wide. It's origin is related to a contest sponsored by Sea Horse Magazine, the RORC official publication, with the intention of introducing a relatively low cost, high performance sail-boat class, contained in a box type rule, that could afford hot competition with freedom of creativeness by part of designers.
At that time, our just graduated naval architects, Astrid Barros and Luis Gouveia, had a particular interest in taking part in this contest, once both of them were racing enthusiasts and were willing to try their skills as racing boat Yacht designers.
Their entry didn't bring them the first prize, but the jury highly commended their work and part of the plans were shown in the issue that publicised the result of the contest.
Knowing what the others had done, Astrid Barros and Luis Gouveia started their work again and designed a second generation Mount Gay 30, which they called Green Flash. When developing the design, they refused to go for a compromise that allowed a Mount Gay 30 ( then called Whitbread 30 ) to also measure under the I.M.S. rule, and taking this decision, they created an authentic thoroughbred. They designed the Green Flash taking full advantage of the rule parameters, like a mainsail with maximum roach, the placement of the ballast tanks optimised for stability, and taking full advantage of the rule's radius limits for sheer line, etc. Doing this our boat surpasses the performance of all others that made a compromise with the I.M.S. rule, and have similar winning chances with the other pure Mount Gay 30 designs.
Being a class of exhilarating performance, our design corresponds to the highest expectations among the models available, and it's our intention to promote the Green Flash in centres where the category is already established. If you are interested in taking part in this class, you are welcome to contact us for other information.
When the first boats of the class started being introduced in the European, American, Australian and South African markets, the virtues of the formula were demonstrated to the sailing community , and this stirred a great enthusiasm among high performance sail-boat racers all over the world.

Basic Dimensions
Lenght Overall:
9.60 m
31' 6"
Lengh Waterline:
8.66 m
28' 5"
3.35 m
1.95 m
6' 4.7"
1150 kg
2533 lb
2420 kg
5330 lb
Capacity freshwater tank:
465 l
80 gal
Capacity fuel tank:
300 l
45 gal
38 hp
Sail Area:
818 sq.feet
Steel or Ply-Glass