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Cabo Horn 40

Cape Horn 40 latest hull to be turned upside.

We received an e-mail from Sergio Danilas, a chemical engineer and amateur boat builder, resident in the State of Paraná, South Brazil, informing us that his hull is already turned upside. Sergio is one of our clients who impressed us most for his determination and competence. He built this forty foot hull with a degree of perfection comparable to the best professional standards, which confirms that amateur construction, when done with determination and enthusiasm, has no limits, either in size, or in degree of difficulty. He sent us the following e-mail:

Dear friends from B & G Yacht Design

Last Saturday, 11/29/2008 I turned upside my Cape Horn 40, after two years, ten months. The building progressed in a slow pace; it is true, but bringing lots of enjoyment. Most of the work was done by me, and only once in a while I call friends to assist me, as it was now the case with the turning over operation. Various yacht owners friends of mine, as well as the Franzen brothers, two renowned boat builders in my region, came up to give me a hand. Without their experience and good will, the whole operation would have been much more difficult and risky.
The next stage it will be to laminate internally and to attach the structural reinforcements, before beginning to build the house inside the canoe.
Best regards
Sergio Danilas

The Cape Horn 40 class is quite a rewarding design for us. The many units under construction, or the few already sailing, are superbly well built, and their owners are absolutely in a state of grace with their boats. Aya, the pioneer of the class, has already sailed some thirty thousand miles and participated in many long distance races, winning or being very well placed in all these occasions.

The Cape Horn 40 is one of our most comfortable boats for living aboard or to accomplish ambitious overseas cruising. Our typical client of these boats is someone who wants to leave his former activities behind and begin a new life aboard his yacht. It seems that the involvement with the construction is a turning point in one's life, and that nothing is the same after the boat is concluded. For our talks with Sergio, he is no exception, and we know he has great plans for the future with his boat.
Sergio is building his hull in PVC foam sandwich. The sequence of photos of the turning upside show how well planned the operation was.

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José Oscar Bentini, the wizard of metallic building in Brasil, just completed the first steel round bilge hull of a Cape Horn 40 class yacht.Nothing compares to a round bilge in aesthetics and low resistance. Besides with the worsening of meteorological conditions caused by the so called Greenhouse Effect, cruisers require each time more that their boats be the strongest possible and regarding this requirement, steel construction is “hors concours”. José Oscar Bentini’s client, Walter Barbosa is a computer scientist and he intends to use his future boat as a residence, office and in the long run, as a cruising yacht. To Walter Barbosa and his family, we wish their new boat to be the perfect upgrade from his former sailing boat, the Samoa 29 Áquila, with which he accomplished so many gratifying long distance cruises. To José Oscar we send our compliments.