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Brasileirinho - Blue Water Kayak

Diversifying our line of stock plans, we are proud to announce the Brasileirinho, an open sea rowing kayak seaworthy enough to cross an ocean in safety.

Being an easy to build plywood/epoxy construction, adopting the ply-glass (thin layer of plywood sheathed with fibreglass) building method, a quick and cheap way of building a light and strong boat, Brasileirinho is our contribution for the open sea rowing adepts.

We opted for a mid-sized (six metres L.O.A) multi-chine mono-block construction, possessing a really ergonometric rowing-pit and two water-tight compartments. We provided Brasileirinho with a skeg in front of a retractable dagger-board rudder to prevent yawing when navigating in running seas, the best arrangement for steering control when conditions deteriorate.

The aft compartment is where the crew accommodations are installed, comprising of a single berth and a compact galley with one-burner stove. The fore compartment is a cuddy for storing equipments and provisions. There are four water ballast compartments under the rowing-pit sole with the function of enhancing stability when bad weather prevails, and to exert a certain control of trim, when required. These four compartments may be emptied by two manual pumps installed on these tank covers, which are also the pit sole. The rowing-pit sole being water-tight is an extra safety factor, since this way the hull bottom becomes double-walled.