MC 26C Furabolo

In September 2013 another boat of the MC 26C class was launched. The boat in question is Furabolo (means pricking the cake in Portuguese). The inauguration took place at the City of Vitoria, Espirito Santo, in the east of Brazil. The boat was very well built by her owner, Hilton Monteiro, an amateur who found no difficulty in constructing it.

Furabolo arrival at the launching yard. Courtesy: Hilton Monteiro

Moment of truth: the crane lifts the boat for taking it from the lorry into the sea. Hilton was a bit over-cautious when defining the boot-line height. Courtesy: Hilton Monteiro

The champagne was spared for being toasted in honour to Neptune. Courtesy: Hilton Monteiro

Furabolo already floating on its element. A great day for an amateur builder. Courtesy: Hilton Monteiro.

This design is surprising everyone for its internal layout. It is hard to understand how a twenty-six foot sailboat can be so comfortable for its size. In the words of Furabolo’s builder, the MC 26C is the most pretentious twenty-six foot sailboat he knows. Now that the class is becoming to show its face in different places, people are beginning to discover this. Each boat being launched becomes source of wonder among the local sailors.

Why going for a larger boat if the MC 26C can give all you need? That’s what MC 26C owners are discovering in different places where there is already one of them sailing.

Xango is a MC 26C built by an amateur. The construction took place in a hub of amateur construction in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where most of the models being built there are from our yacht design office. Photo: Roberto Barros

Evrensel (Universal in Turkish), built in Istanbul by Ömer Kirkal, was the first MC 26C to get finished. The boat is extremely well finished and his owner is very proud of her performance. Courtesy: Ömer Kirkal

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