Inside a Pop Alu 32

Just recently my wife Marli visited Ilha Sul Construções Náuticas boatyard in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, and had the opportunity to see personally the first hull built to the new Pop Alu 32 design.

Modern lines and the potential of speed and strength combined

On top of confirming the notions we had that the design is very pleasant to the eye and of the usual superb workmanship of this boatyard, she was able to go inside and be awed by the incredible amount of internal volume.

The builder, Jairo Oliveira and his wife Claudia

As she lives aboard a Kiribati 36, the comparison was a very meaningful one. The 36 of course has more storage and payload capability, but the living space is very good on the 32.

Images will show more than 1000 words, so we show several in this article.

Marli inside de the Pop Alu 32

Room to spare and a well ventilated and bright interior

Another feature that she remarked was the impressive strength conveyed by the hull and structure, with its 8mm plate and well positioned reinforcements. The boat is designed to rest on the twin bulb keels, offering the possibility of easy beaching for maintenance on a low tide.

Very strong bottom panels

The details, sturdiness and cleanliness of the work are all impressive.

The large stern platform and the easy access to the rudders

We believe that the lucky buyer of this hull will achieve in record time a fast and strong cruising boat, as in addition to having a CNC cutting kit for the aluminum structure, this design also offers the builder a cutting file set for the interior furniture plywood sheets.

Using these pre-cut parts the interior should come together very fast and at great cost savings.

The pre-cut plywood parts kit for the interior

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