Pop 25 Konquest - Building the family boat

We think it is sweet when a family joins efforts for the accomplishment of a dream. This is what is happening with the construction of the Pop 25 Konquest, which is being built by the brothers Marcelo and Vandeli Schurhaus, in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. Their challenge is not an easy ride without hurdles in their way. They chose a location to make the construction that for some reason became unavailable, and not to lose their endeavour, had to be substituted by the slab of their house garage, a place three meters above ground level, not provided with guardrails around the brink of the slab, or shelter of any sort, except a tarpaulin to cover the work when the day’s task is concluded.

The boat seen from abaft having Marcelo’s toddler already getting acquainted with her future berth...under the close surveillance of her attentive mother. Photo: Marcelo Schurhaus

Having only the weekends for dedicating to the work, and needing to count on the good will of Saint Peter for having settled weather during the weekends, in spite of such limitation, their work progresses at a fast pace, having the interior almost concluded after a bit more than one year since the construction started. We published an article with video a fortnight ago reporting the turning over of the hull, an operation typical of German precision and good planning. We also have a link from our site to the blog they edit, “Pop 25 Konquest”, so if you would like to know more about the whole story, you will find it there. However the scope of this article complies the building of the interior of the boat, an operation that took only a few sunny weekends to be accomplished.

It is clear sailing that building the interior of a Pop 25 is quick to be made. The transverse bulkheads represent more than half the whole work, while the longitudinal plywood panels are rectangular-shaped in practically all cases. The few doors can be built separately at the workbench, while trims and rails are straight cleats butt-jointed at their ends. With such simple approach builders find special pleasure in completing the interior as quick as a wink, craving for starting to build the superstructure. That has been the case with all Pop 25 builders up to now, Konquest being no exception. The Schurhaus intend to be sailing before the end of the year.

The galley furniture carpentry already concluded, missing the finishing details. The toilet is also already installed on its place in the heads compartment. Photo: Marcelo Shurhaus

We at B & G Yacht Design wished that the Pop 25 became renowned as an easy to be constructed offshore cruising sailboat. This is being proven to be true by our builders. Now we are discovering that the design may also be considered one of the most affordable sailboats for family’s usage.

That is the right age to get proper sea legs. Marcelo’s baby seems to be having a great time being acquainted with her future cabin. Photo: Marcelo Schurhaus

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