Curruira 33 Milestone is already in the water

Good news came from Turkey. The news came from this amazing country, which is thriving in prosperity while its neighbours from the European Union are enduring difficult times with their sluggish economies. It was there that the first Curruira 33 was launched.

The Curruira 33 is a round bilge displacement trawler yacht designed for offshore navigation. The design favours long range capacity while proportioning a low resistance hull with plenty of reserve buoyancy. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

Our client, Emre Yilmaz, informed us that the first sea trial, a 250 miles crossing departing from Gemlik, in the Marmara Sea, where she was built, bound for Ayvalic, in the Aegean Sea, where she will be stationed, was a success and that he is delighted with the general behaviour of his yacht. The e-mail he sent us tells how pleased he is with his choice:

“Dear Roberto and Luis from B & G Yacht Design;

We launched the Curruira 33 (MILESTONE) in May, 26, 2013 at Gemlik, on the Sea of Marmara east cost.

After making a couple of tests and ballast arrangements, we left Gemlik in May, 29 at 05:30 a.m., intending to cross the whole Sea of Marmara. We reached Avsa Island at 15:00, after nearly 10 hours of continuous cruise at steady 7 knots. After a short break, we reached Aksaz, a village located at the entrance of Canakkale Passage (Hellespont) at 10:00 pm.

We planned to stop there overnight to make day cruises only, but we learned the weather would deteriorate in the next days, so we decided to go through Hellespont at night.

We left Aksaz at 22:00 and passed the Hellespont to reach the Seddulbahir end of Hellespont, the entrance to Aegean Sea, at 05:00 am

Then we continued to cruise the Babakale (In front of Lesvos) to reach Ayvalik, entering the Ayvalik Setur Marina at 11:00 am

Now, after nearly 36 hours of continuous cruise, Milestone is in its home port Ayvalik, having averaged 7 knots speed along the passage. Wind average was 4-6 Beaufort for the whole trip. We spent nearly 200 litres of fuel, I guessing Yanmar 75 HP engine burns 7 litres per hour at 2400 rpm
I felt some difficulty when manoeuvring in reverse gear, having to rely on the bow-thruster for better control.

Sharing with you my experiences about the boat, my conclusion is that she is fantastic, with lots of pros, and very few cons.

The boat's wave resistance is awesome. Thanks to her round bilge and swift lines she climbs over waves and slips like a surf board. The bilge has no water, there is no leakage or sweat.

I love the boat's side view too much. She looks like a strong trawler with good design lines. I agree with what Luis said, she is the prettiest boat in the marina :). If I did not build this boat I planned to buy a Benetau Swift Trawler 34, but now I can say I am very lucky to have chosen the Curruira 33.

Thanks for everything
Best Regards

Milestone maiden trip from Gemlik, the locality where she was built on the Marmara Sea to Ayvalik, the marina where she will be stationed in the Aegean Sea.

Our response was quite eloquent:

“Hi Mr Yilmaz

We watched your photos carefully and we must admit we were stunned. The quality of workmanship and competence in dealing with boat building issues are superb in your country. We send our compliments to your builder, Mr Saban. You found a first class custom boatyard.
We were also glad to see that our design is quite appealing. She looks exactly like the small tramp ship we intended she resembled to.
We are suspect to say, but in our opinion Milestone outstands in charm the boats next to her in the marina where she stays?

Curruira 33 Milestone properly docked in Mediterranean style, using a gang-plank for access to the aft deck. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

About the seaworthiness of the Curruira 33, this type of hull shape is our bet. We are willing that the sea-kindliness of our displacement motor yachts becomes the trade mark of our motor yacht designs. I noticed in one of the photos you sent us, you were having a snack in your dinette, and we could see across the window glass that the sea was quite choppy outside. However your tableware on top of the table seemed to be stick to the table top as if it had been fastened to it. This is a point for greetings!

Can you believe that Milestone is thirty-three foot long only? A boat of this size sporting two suites, a huge saloon, a veranda in the aft deck and a spacious sunbathing area at the fly-bridge is capable of proportioning high level of comfort for the most demanding of the crews. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

In our opinion wood/epoxy construction is superb. We would be terribly disappointed if you told us you had leaks anywhere in your boat.
You did the correct job when trimming the boat with the distribution of ballast.
About the manoeuvrability when using reverse gear, you must remember that in boats with a single engine, only after the boat is halted she will respond to rudder control according to your command, and even so, not so well, since the part that works as rudder when in reverse is the part of the rudder-blade in balance.

It is no point in using the reverse gear as brake, like if she was a car. While the boat isn’t totally halted, she will go exactly to the opposite direction of your command. This is due to the fact that the flux of water generated by the propeller is flowing away from the rudder-blade, instead of being thrown on it. The bow thruster is of great help then.

About the hull speed, it is an illusion to believe if you have a more powerful engine your top speed will increase. Milestone has a displacement hull, and her hull speed is less than eight knots. A larger engine would drag the whole sea abaft you with insignificant, or no increase in speed.

Our way of thinking is: if you are a speedster addict, you should choose motor racing as your sport and opt for a planing hull. If you like long distance cruising with plenty of range, the logical option is choosing a low resistance displacement hull. For us semi- planing trawlers are neither fish nor fowls. They are crafts that no matter how powerfully are propelled, they can never raise their hulls for surfing above the waves’ crests.
Best regards
Roberto and Luis from B & G Yacht Design”

Despite the choppy seas seen across the window, the tableware seemed to be stick to the table-top as if it was bonded to it. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

Emre told us he is going to send a video relating his passage across the Marmara Sea. Since the Curruira 33 is presently the apple of our eyes, we will be grateful for the data he can pass to us about this new project.

The Curruira 33 layout includes two private double berth cabins in suite, both of them with shower facility. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

Milestone’s foredeck is equipped with a well dimensioned horizontal windlass. A teak planked deck gives a touch of class to the yacht. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

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