Pop Alu 32 in Porto Alegre: First hull is finished

It has been finalized in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, the first hull of our new aluminum design in kit form Pop Alu 32. Our friend and boat builder Jairo Luis de Oliveira has sent some recent pictures taken at his boatyard Ilha Sul Construções Náuticas.

For someone aspiring to sail with the inherent safety of a well built aluminum hull, this is an excellent opportunity to get there without much to wait. This very hull is available for sale by the boatyard.

The Pop Alu 32 has many recent trends incorporated in the design, and with the twin bulb keels can be easily dried on a tide of one meter or more, and even in the hard stand áreas of boatyards it will be an economical boat to accomodate, as it does not require special craddles or supports since it can sit level on the keels.

With the increased costs of dry docking a boat on the rise almost everywhere due to real state developments on the wáter front, the ability to dry a boat to do regular maintenance without requiring a special yard will play an important role in reducing the overall costs of keeping a yacht.

In conjunction with the also new Pop 25 this design brings many improvements to the builder in the form of pre-cut kits for all the aluminum parts and interior plywood furniture, and we are sure that many crusing sailors will find in these new designs the platform they have been hoping for to live their cruising and sailing dreams.

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