Pop 25 - Kit maker Bonilla meets Roberto Barros in Rio

A group of persons involved with the Pop 25 class keeps narrowing its laces of friendship. It’s as if the class were a large family with its members participating of mutual achievements.

In April, 2013, the Pop 25 Mandala builder, now a kit maker of the boat, Marcelo Bonilla, from Palhoça, Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, HTTP://construindoseuveleiro.com.br, in a trip to Rio de Janeiro in the company of his wife Cíntia, Murillo Almeida and me, two of the participants in the creation of the project, met in a fellowship lunch scheduled to take place in a local restaurant. Marcelo Bonilla wrote a note in his blog about this meeting:

“The highlight of the trip was meeting Roberto Barros and Murilo Almeida. We were very welcome by them. They are special indeed! It was a pleasure to know them personally. Murilo is a very talented designer!”

Roberto Barros, Cíntia, Marcelo and Murilo in the classic photo taken by the waiter, having the Pop 25 kit as the “personality” of the day. This kit was confectioned by Marcelo just before the trip and was a big surprise for us.

It was a very agreeable occasion that afternoon, a great opportunity to learn what others think about the project. Marcelo, honouring his model-making trade, brought us a gift that was much appreciated: a miniature of the Pop 25 made by his CNC tooling with Swiss precision. Next day we sent an acknowledgment e-mail to Marcelo and his wife with the following words:

Hi Cíntia and Marcelo
What a pleasure to meet you in Rio!
In spite of having seen the rendered figures of the Pop 25 thousands of times, having the sight of it in solid state was amazing. We didn’t realize how cute she is when seen in 3D. The freeboard height and the cabin trunk design seem to be in perfect harmony. The vertical topsides are much nicer than we thought. She is decorating the desk top, just in front of the computer; a sight for sore eyes!
My wife Eileen loved the little model and is also thanking you for the gift…

The model will serve as inspiration for the articles about the class, while there is no Pop 25 sailing, and we are sure it will contribute in boosting the enthusiasm of those who chose this project as the boat of their dreams.

Roberto Barros and Murilo can hardly believe they are seeing a perfect miniature of the boat they worked for so many hours to define its shape. It was only missing the presence of Luis Gouveia, who is running B & G Yacht Design office from Perth, W. A., for the Pop 25 design team of authors to be complete. What impressed us most was the ability of the model, and consequently the boat, to stand on its two fin-keels without requiring a cradle. In times when prices of services are becoming prohibitive it is blessing to be possible to make your own maintenance with no cost taking advantage of the difference in tide range to let the hull stay on dry.

Bringing the model home aroused vivid remembrances. My wife and adventures companion Eileen reminded me that if the 25 foot cruising sailboat in which we sailed from Rio de Janeiro to the South Pacific (you can read this story accessing the free book published in our site in PDF, left lower corner of our home-page, “Rio to Polynesia, an adventure in the South Pacific) inspired us the same confidence transmitted by the Pop 25 design, our daughter wouldn’t be born in Tahiti, but instead would be a New Zealander, since we were sailing bound for that country, when halting our trip not to risk the safety of mother and offspring.

The Pop 25 is fit to accomplish any cruising dreams. Eileen was delighted with our friends’ gift. Compared to our tipsy sailboat Sea Bird the full scale Pop 25 will resemble a cruising ship.


Changing subjects from fantasy to reality, the boats under construction whose owners published blogs with links from our site are showing stunning advances in the progress of their constructions. One of them, Hayal, being built in Turkey by Muntaz Karahn, and having started the construction in August, 2012, has its interior already completed and now is concluding the deck construction. The building is being done by Muntaz and his father, and they told us to be having great fun with the challenge, since they are totally rookies in yacht building. They informed us they are experiencing an incredible feeling of accomplishment with the building.

Hayal is being built at a fast pace by Muntaz Karahn in Turkey. In less than six months of weekend work the hull was already turned over. Courtesy: Muntaz Karahn


Another Pop 25 which construction is advancing steadily towards conclusion is Rancho Alegre, being built by Francisco Aydos, from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil. Francisco is building the boat with his own hands and is showing a great deal of competence in overcoming the hurdles in his way towards the final goal of having an offshore cruising sailboat.

Making the interior of the Pop 25 is a quick task to be accomplished. Just a fortnight after turning the boat upside the furniture carpentry was practically concluded. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos


Konquest, the Pop 25 being built on top of the house’s garage slab were her builder, Marcelo Schürhauss lives is a good example of Pop 25 owners commitment. Courtesy: Marcelo Schürhaus

Marcelo is a good example of the state of mind of the Pop 25 builders. As an amateur, he has the weekends only to work in his boat. Even though he counts with the only assistance of his brother Vandeli, the work progresses in a steady rhythm. The hull is scheduled to be turned over in the first week of May and for the degree of commitment the bothers are dedicating to the construction, it is expected that Konquest will be sailing in 2013.

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