Kiribati 36M K2: design has been upgraded

After 5 years we decided to revise and upgrade the Kiribati 36 design, incorporate some ideas that came after the prolongued use of Green Nomad and add design details that were once doubts and questions forwarded by the first builders of the design.

So it was how the Kiribati 36 MK2 was born, which is nothing more than the same design with some differences in aesthetics and improvements in deck layout, results from practical experience with the Kiribati 36 Green Nomad. The arrangement plan was also changed to become more like Green Nomad, with the same kind of navigation table.

The cabin is now lower and more streamlined, that being achieved by using narrower hatches and replacing the two most forward hatches on the sides of the cabin by fixed windows. We noticed that on Green Nomad we very seldom opened those two hatches, and by doing this change we managed to lower the cabin roof a little and make it more appealing visually.

The plans now also incorporate a new optional deck plan version with a hard dodger with the mainsail sheet traveller on top of its roof, and now the CNC files have the parts for fabricating this dodger included.

All improvements we made or would like to make on Green Nomad are addressed in this design revision, and we hope that in this way we can offer future builders the benefit of experience and solutions that work and have been tested.

The plans and CNC files have all parts to produce the boat, making this a very fast and economic project for boatyards and amateur builders alike.

This design has been received with great interest internationally, and this encourages us to always keep it updated and to introduce improvements. We believe that this good acceptance is in part due to the size, big enough to carry all supplies and spares for big expeditions and still small enough to be easily handled by a single person or a couple and also to keep the running and maintenance costs at attractive levels.

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