Kiribati 36 - Back to Green Nomad

After 6 months with NGO Sea Shepherd now it is time to get back to Green Nomad. Our trip with the new boat is progressing slowly, but we believe that standing up and fighting for the preservation of the life in the oceans is vital, and no life no ocean to go sailing in.

I was honoured to be captain of the Sea Shepherd ship Sam Simon in this year’s Antarctic whale defence campaign. But B&G Yacht Design’s involvement with the Sam Simon started way back, when Luis Gouveia went to Japan to survey the ship and gave Sea Shepherd the thumbs up to buy her.

The Sam Simon in Hobart, Tasmania.

And he was not wrong: the Sam Simon proved to be in excellent shape, and extremely reliable, safe and strong. We faced extreme weather in the Southern Ocean this year, then had to move through dense ice pack and the strong hull was a guarantee to our safety.

The Bob Barker East of the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

Now, coming back to Green Nomad, I am more than ever motivated to develop our range of polar and high latitude aluminium cruising and expedition sailboats, all the way from the Kiribati 36 to the bigger models like the Polar 50 and Polar 65, not forgetting the Multichine 41 SK.

Green Nomad now sails through tropical seas, as we still lack some of the gear needed for high latitude sailing. But we have a good base to start from and are very happy by our choice of design and material.

Sam Simon sails off Heard Island, Indian Ocean.

An idea I had when coming back from Antarctica and passing next to Heard Island, an Australian sub-antarctic island., was of a very viable polar cruise for smaller boats: Leave from Cape Town by mid November and sail to the Cooperation Sea, where we were recently with the Sea Shepherd ships ( roughly 68 degrees South latitude and 075 degrees East longitude.), taking advantage of the prevailing Westerly winds, then stay for a month in the area, using the best month of the Austral summer, and follow on with the Westerlies to Australia or New Zealand. A 36ft sailboat like Green Nomad could do this journey with no big problems, respecting the weather conditions that are usually mild at this time of the year in Antarctica.

An Antarctic cruise viable for small sized sailboats.

Inspiring image from the Cooperation Sea, Antarctica.

One of the best aspects of owning a capable cruising sailboat is the possibility to look at a world chart and decide that you want to go to some specific spot, taking your home with you and staying as long as you want and nature lets you, with no big costs involved once you provision and take good care of your equipment.

A capable high latitude cruising boat , the Kiribati 36 Green Nomad.

It must be observed that to do a trip like the one shown on the map above, the applicable permits must be sought from the competent authorities.

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