Samoa 28 - Sail plan for club racing now available

Cruising sail plan:

As it is supposed to happen in any yacht design studio, we are constantly developing new products, be them new projects or up-grades for already existing projects. When designing a cruising sailboat stock plan we invariably specify sail plans for maximum efficiency when sailing offshore. The original cruising rig we design in all projects has a moderate sail area and a relatively short rig, so to afford users’ friendly manoeuvrability, especially when jibing, and plenty of stiffness when sailing close-hauled in fresher breezes. This rig is also bullet proof, and is recommended for those who intend to sail bound for offshore passages, or don’t intend to go that far, but will elect the boat for gunk-holing, many times with non-skilled crews.

Samoa 28 Sirius sailing in the River Plate. This was the first Samoa 28 to be launched. Being rigged with the cruising version sail area, Sirius shows superior performance in heavy winds. Courtesy: Daniel D’Angelo.

The Samoa 28 rigged with its cruising sail plan is a boat fitted to cross oceans as if it was a promenade. Its hull is stiff as a rock, while its high stability affords a sensation of safety typical of much larger boats. These are the features which are pushing the Samoa 28 career upwards.

The sail plan in its cruising version is always the first choice we offer in our line of cruiser-racer stock plans. This rig favours manoeuvring when short-handed and enhances stability, two features highly praised by cruising enthusiasts.


Performance oriented sail plan:

Even though we gave preference for the reduced sail area of the cruising version sail plan, since the Samoa 28 was designed for crossing oceans in any sort of weather, an expressive number of our clients have different purposes in mind for enjoying their boats. Be it for lack of time, be it for lack of will, the truth is that blue water passages are issues out of the question in the minds of many of them. However club racing is a challenging sport in their minds, being a good chance of practicing a physical activity in company of team mates, while socializing in the club veranda at the end of the day, making a big fuss about the incidents of the regatta. For this group of sailors we developed the performance oriented sail plan with a taller rig and larger sail area, which besides being faster in any wind condition, is especially more pleasant to be sailed where the winds are weaker and flicker in direction. This new sail plan is now part of the Samoa 28 package, being a personal decision which sail plan to choose.

The new performance oriented sail plan, which we called club-racing sail plan, is intended for those interested in participating in regattas in their regions, being highly recommended where light winds prevail.

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