Curruira 33 - The first boat of the class is almost concluded

It comes from Turkey the first Curruira 33 to get close to its launching day. Our client Emre Yilmaz, is doing an awesome nice job with its construction, this being done in record time.

It is hard to believe this trawler is only 33 foot long. Emre intends to be navigating before the next northern hemisphere summer. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

The Curruira 33 is a trawler we designed based on our understanding that if one wants to travel long distances in the open sea in a motor yacht, a seaworthy hull shape is the first priority to be granted. The lines plan adopted in the design was used in an earlier model, the Southern Voyager 28, which design have been tested by several of our clients, for our delight, confirming that our goal had been achieved. It is the difference of behaviour in tougher conditions; compared to the more usual semi-planing hulls available in the market what pleased our builders most.

Now with the scaled-up model we are pretty confident that this feeling of power and safety when encountering harsh conditions is what’s going to conquer the hearths of our new builders. For our client Emre it might remain a certain dose of suspense about the performance of his yacht, while for us this anxiety happened some time ago when the first Southern Voyager 28 went for her maiden sea trial. With the passing of time, the confidence the SV 28 owners acquired on their boats made us feel like providing a bigger sister for the former model, and that is what we did. Now when Emre’s yacht will go for her first sea trial we are going to learn if our bet was a full-hand succes.

During the construction, along an intensive exchange of e-mails, we had the chance to build a good friendship with our client. As a reward, in a nice gesture from his part, Emre is intending to edit a You Tube channel called Curruira 33 for us to promote in our site.

Emre decided to build a staircase to access the fly-bridge instead of using the vertical ladder specified in the plans. His idea was very welcome, since there is room to spare in the saloon to cope with the small interference in the galley layout. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz.

For us who dedicate good part of our time to designing crafts for amateur or custom building, what counts most is that our work outstands, at least in any fundamental aspect, other similar yachts. What pleases us most is when our clients recognize this. That is the case with the SV 28 owners. Now we are expecting that the same will happen with this new design. There are already SV 28 owners dreaming with an up-grade.

The aft deck of the Curruira 33 is large enough to throw a party there. The flat surface abaft the transom gunwhale is the boarding platform. Courtesy: Emre Yilmaz

We sent Emre an e-mail complimenting him for the beautiful work Mr. Saban, his boat builder, had accomplished, which he promptly answered with these words:

Dear Roberto and Luis;
Thanks to both of you about your precious compliments about my boat, I am very impressed about the construction too. Mr. Saban and his team are doing a good job.
I made mini meetings with electrician and upholsterer, the boat will look fantastic when finished.
I will supply lots of data like photos and videos to you for your article. I am planning to write all these photos etc. to a DVD and send it to you.
Again thanks both of you for your help and good wishes
Best regards


Now we are willing that pretty soon the exchange of e-mails will deal with the launching of the first Curruira 33.

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