Multichine 28 Marimbondo. Thank you for the design

It is extremely rewarding for us from B & G yacht Design when an amateur builder who constructed one of our boats writes us informing that he became totally satisfied with his choice and that after a pleasant construction, discovered that the boat surpassed his expectations. This was the case with the young professor André Luis Ferraz, who built the MC28 Marimbondo (means wasp in Portuguese) at his home backyard during his spare time. The e-mail he sent us sounds as music in our ears:

Dear friends from B & G Yacht Design

We had a rushed new year, so it was difficult for me to send you news about Marimbondo. However I managed to get one month vacation this January, which was spent on board in the company of my wife Elaine. The boat surpassed by far my expectations. She is extremely comfortable. We owned an O’day 23 for fifteen years, a very comfortable boat for her size, but being aboard the MC28 makes us feel as if we were in a palace.

André Ferraz alongside his just concluded sailboat. We can guess how proud he must be when realizing that all that work was accomplished with his own hands. Courtesy: André Ferraz

We went for a one week cruise along the Parati, Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande shores, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and our first great surprise was to learn how huge the fresh water tanks are. We didn’t need to refill the tanks for all the time we spent on board, and when we returned to our home port, we still had plenty of water to be used. The first sea trials were made in Ubatuba, State of Sao Paulo; our backyard cruising ground. The boat sailed like a dream in light winds. When sailing with 6 to 10 knots winds, she reached 3 to 4 knots effortlessly. In fresher breezes she was sensational. Sailing in a running reach in 20 to 28 knots her speed jumped to 7.5/8 knots, this happening with the utmost tranquillity. The title of the e-mail is not fortuitous. Thank you very mucho for the project and for the assistance you provided during the construction

André and Elaine

Marimbondo at anchor in the Ilha Grande region. Courtesy: Andre Ferraz

As it was supposed to be, we answered with an eloquent e-mail too:

Dear André and Elaine.
What a gentle e-mail you sent us! There is nothing that pleases us more than knowing that somebody who trusted us became pleased with his choice. Our family owned a MC28 for eight wonderful years and it is common sense among us that it was the best boat we ever had. We sailed more than six thousand miles with her and lived aboard for two years. For that matter we understand very well what you told in your e-mail. But your words, if being told by us, wouldn’t have the same value. However you have a lot to do with the success of your boat. Marimbondo is simply fantastic!

Times have changed and each time more people will become to realize that you don’t need to own a mega yacht to be happy. Actually it is the other way around. The owner of a MC28 might feel a bigger sense of freedom than the CEO who has a yacht stationed in a marina in the French Riviera. And this will become each day more evident. For us it is bliss to receive e-mails like yours. We work with this goal in mind.

We wish you and Elaine have a very good time with the new boat.

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