Cabo Horn 35 Kalloni

We received this e-mail sent by Roberto Cruz, the latest owner of a Cabo Horn 35. He tells having lived a long saga, but now he is happy with his accomplishment:

Dear friends from B & G Yacht Design

I visited your office in Rio de Janeiro during the year of 1996 with the intention of acquiring the Multichine 37 project, when Astrid asked who would go sailing with me? I retorted – my family! And she asked again: how many of you know how to sail?...And I said I was the only one who had an idea of what sailing means.
In this case don’t you think it would be better to build a smaller boat more compatible with single-handed sailing?... and then she introduced me to the Cabo Horn 35 plans.

It was love at first sight. Many things changed from then on, however I never forgot what you told me, that the adventure starts at the very moment you start building the boat.
During this time things enough happened to justify writing a book. I divorced from my first wife, got married again, went bust and with no spare time to build the boat. My friends nicknamed the boat Fairy Tale, Ghost…, since I never finished the construction. However nothing shattered my determination and what prevailed during this time was my commitment in fulfilling my dream. This became a reality in December 2012, when the Cabo Horn Kallony was launched in Ubatuba, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Cabo Horn 35 class gets a new member absolutely faithful to the design details, like the rounded transom, cutter rig, original interior layout, etc, only missing the hull topside portholes, even though the transom ones were installed.
It will take about thirty days more finish the last tasks internally, and to try the sails, that considering the season’s events didn’t allow me to do. However what thirty days represent for someone who waited for so long?
I wish you a happy 2013 and that you keep producing dreams.

Roberto Cruz and family

It is missing very little for the Cabo Horn 35 Kalloni to be sailing. Photo: Roberto Cruz

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