Multichine 28 Marimbondo and Ipê - Two new members of the class

The MC 28 class is one of our most acclaimed designs. During the years since the class was introduced, every new builder that concludes the work becomes an enthusiastic supporter of the project, this being a boosting factor for the design prestige.

Luciana Alt checking the precision of her boat’s rudder hydrofoil. Being architect by trade, together with her husband, Vitor Moura, they are building their MC28 as if she was a work of art. Photo: Vitor Moura

The rudder ready to be sheathed with fibreglass. Their work is so good that one will get sorry to put paint over such a nice sculpture. One of the strong points of the project is its hinged rudder. Besides being hurricane-proof, it can be removed by one person alone; provided the boat has a gantry and the mainsheet tackle is used to hoist it. Photo: Vitor Moura

Luciana and Vitor are very active amateur spelunkers, having explored caves in the four corners of the world. Now they want to add a new sport in their lives, becoming cruising offshore-bound sailors, and trying the taste of a new scope of adventure that also fascinates them. Since during the time they are building the boat we had the chance to nurture a prolific friendship, it will be with great pleasure that we will report their adventures from now on, beginning with the launching story, scheduled for the first months of 2013.

Ipê’s interior is nearly completed. The couple managed to obtain a finishing standard comparable to that of a professional boatyard. Photo: Vitor Moura

When the young couple was searching for the design they would choose, they paid a visit to B & G Yacht Design office (then Roberto Barros Yacht Design), at that time established in Rio de Janeiro downtown. Roberto and Eileen Barros were the owners of the MC28 Fiu, where they were living aboard by then. After spending an afternoon in the office talking about details of the project, Eileen invited the couple to visit Fiu, so they could see by themselves what it had been talked about. While Vitor and Roberto kept chatting in the saloon’s dinette , Luciana offered to give Eileen a hand to prepare supper at the jumbo-sized Fiu’s galley. The group kept chewing the fat until late in the evening, when once more Eileen invited the guests to sleep aboard. After being served a five stars breakfast the next morning, the coupled thanked for the hospitality, leaving for the airport, to go back to their home town, Belo Horizonte, one hour away by flight. That same day they made their decision and informed us that they would build the boat. Now, after a demonstration of commitment and competence, soon it will be their turn to be hosts on board their Multichine 28 Ipê.

The superstructure is covered with the anti-skidding material Treadmaster., a product made in the UK, one of the favourites among cruising sailors for its non-skidding properties, long-lasting and good thermal insulation. Photo: Vitor Moura


The other new member of the Multichine 28 brotherhood is Marimbondo (means wasp in Portuguese). Being a college professor, her builder, André Luis Ferraz, had little spare time available to dedicate to the construction. On the other hand his commitment with quality was absolute. As result there is another MC28 of the highest quality already floating. André Luis sent us an email telling how happy he was with his achievement:

“The MC28 Marimbondo floated exactly in its LWL the last November 15. She is quite anxious to break loose, in her mooring at Marina Kauai, Ubatuba, State of São Paulo, Brazil. The sails, ordered to North Sails, are already concluded, but weren’t delivered yet. For the time being we are making the last adjustments, a list that seems interminable…

It’s hard to tell what do you feel at the moment of truth; however a bottle of Spanish champagne was emptied at once, shared with Marimbondo, my wife Elaine and me. My son Marcelo arrived later.

Last weekend I couldn’t resist and went sailing with my brother’s Multichine 26 genoa he lent me for the occasion. For my delight the boat moved at constant five knots in a beam reach in 10-15 knots winds.”

Multichine 28 Marimbondo almost ready for launching. Now the boat is already in the water waiting for the sails to be delivered. Photo: André Luis Ferraz


We designed the Multichine 28 to be a true offshore cruising yacht. We specified its Stability Index to be cat. A, according to the stability index (STIX) established by the European Union for offshore mono-hulls. Now it is very rewarding to know that the boat is already recognized by many as one of the best offshore sailboats of its size.

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