Multichine 41SK Bepaluhe sailing from Ilha Grande to Paraty

Sailing with your family in a cruising yacht is very good. Sailing with your family in Angra dos Reis Bay between Ilha Grande and Paraty is much better yet. Our friend Paulo Ayroso published a new video in his blog (see in our link’s page – Multichine 41SK Bepaluhe) to leave anyone with the mouth watering. The happiness producing machine called Bepaluhê, a cruising sailboat built by Ilha Sul Boatyards, from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, is looking nicer and better kept at every new season, and she sails like a dream. If you want to check out what we are saying, it is worth you see the video below, the latest in the series he published in his blog:

Since Bepaluhê’s cruising ground, the region of Ilha Grande, sixty miles west of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most beautiful tropical sceneries the world over, following Paulo’s You Tube videos is bliss…

Bepaluhê’s flush fore-deck is one of the best features of the MC41SK project. Courtesy: Paulo Ayrosa

Right age to start sailing. Courtesy: Paulo Ayrosa

When you sail bound for a place like this, pleasure is doubled. Courtesy: Paulo Ayrosa

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