Multichine 26C Xangô is already sailing

Our intention of designing affordable offshore cruising sailboats within the scope of amateurs to build them keeps showing positive results. This time the plan in evidence is the offshore cruising sailboat Multichine 26C, a boat hard to believe she measures only twenty-six feet from forepeak to transom. With 1.85m headroom below the coach-roof, two double berths, a private cabin with entrance hall, galley with two burners stove and oven and a spacious heads, the MC 26C has everything of jumbo size inside its interior. Now that the first boats of the class start being inaugurated, the boat is becoming better known for its features, and cruising sailors begin to learn how different its concept is.

It is a joy when our clients inform us about the conclusion of their constructions. This was the case of Xangô, the MC 26C built by our friends Rui Jorge and Fatima, in Club Sao Cristovao, an amateur yacht building hub in Rio de Janeiro, and of Anauê, being built in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Amauri Ferraz.

MC26C Xangô in Marina da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro, one day after launching. The pleasure of seeing the boat built with one’s own hands floating in its correct L.W.L can only be fully appreciated by those who lived the same experience. It is a moment of glory in the life of a home-builder!

On the first Sunday of September I visited the just-launched Xangô in Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro. I was received by our friends Rui and Fátima, who, as I expected, were brimming over in happiness.

The MC26C galley with two burners stove with oven, fridge, sink and a profusion of lockers, is hard to be found in other sailboats of about the same size. The black granite finishing of the counter, even though we consider a bit heavy to be installed in sailboats, is the choice of most of our builders. Anyway, this is presently the style in vogue and nobody wants to swim against the tide.

My visit to the just-launched Xangô was quite rewarding. I haven’t seen a MC26C in the water yet, and as a participant in the development of the project, my curiosity was quite acute. My impression was awesome. I felt like having one for myself. The boat is huge indeed for twenty-six foot. And how comfortable she is internally! As it couldn’t be different, the chat that day was turned towards future adventures, with cruising plans of taking part in the annual flotilla sailing called Friendship Cruising, a rally where Argentineans, Uruguayans, Brazilian, and cruising sailors from other countries sail north along the eastern coast of South America and then join the Recife to Fernando de Noronha Race. Extending the cruise to the Caribbean was also in the couple’s plans. That is the sort of dream a home- builder is entitled to nurture after completing the construction of his cruising machine. I felt quite happy for the fact that, even though modestly, our office having contributed with a small part in our friends’ achievement.

Notwithstanding the boat not being completely finished yet, my impression was extremely favourable. To start with the headroom under the coach-roof is already a feature to be highly praised. That very first night in the water, Hugo, the couple’s elder son, came straight from the university to the boat to sleep aboard, and inaugurated the aft cabin. When his parents arrived aboard early in the morning he was still sleeping. He told them that he never slept so well rocked by the gentle swaying of the hull in the placid waters of the marina. For us who worked in the development of the plans it is always pleasant to participate in those moments of happiness during the inauguration of an amateur construction, especially when our builder had no previous experience in the matter. According to Fatima, not even a house for the dog her husband was able to build before.

CSince Xangô had been just launched, the cabin wasn’t tidy yet and the interior was still missing a few details. However the feeling of cosiness of the internal layout was already evident.

For a home-builder to reach this stage of setting up shop inside the boat he built with his own hands is not a minor accomplishment. Reminding the various stages he had to overcome, from receiving a set of prints to the day he sees his yacht floating, is a long story. The first step is the pre-fabrication of the bulkheads at the workbench. This phase is a novelty and it is when the builder gets acquainted with the skills required for wood-working. Then the hull is built upside-down and seeing that big piece of shipwright work taking shape is an unforgettable experience. And then it arrives the great day when the hull is turned upside. This step is only comparable to the inauguration in emotion and fulfilment. The tradition is that a barbecue is served on this occasion for friends and collaborators who had any involvement with the enterprise. .

The day the hull is turned over is the other occasion to be effusively commemorated. From this point of the construction onwards the progress of the construction is impelled by the positive feeling of seeing the boat being finished.

Then it is like reading a good book, the curiosity of knowing how the story will end being the spring that keeps the work flowing. The difference is that the builder is not a mere reader, but the very character in the text. Further away in time he will become author of another story, the one where he is the captain of his own ship, sailing with his creation bound for the places he fancied so much visiting. Since every builder shares these same feelings, we will love having other launching reports to publish in our site, probably the next one being Anauê, which has its construction already concluded.

The MC26C Anauê is already concluded. It is bliss for us to see such a nicely finished boat built from our plans. Courtesy: Amauri Ferraz.

Now that the class is becoming more widespread, with units being built in different places, we intend to promote the project more regularly in our site. So, if you are one of the MC26C builders, we would be very glad to know about the latest news about your construction.

Multichine 26C Gëko buit in Istambul, Turquia, by Ömer Kirkal. This was the first boat of the class to sail and we were told she is performing extremely well in local club racing. Courtesy: Ömer Kirkal.

The class has all the ingredients to prosper from now on. Boats of the class sailing in different regions with satisfied owners praising the qualities of their boats are the best publicity we might have dreamed with. We intend to be publishing soon a report about the sailing aptitudes of the boats already in the water.

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