Pop Alu 32 aluminum boatbuilding in progress: 3 units now being built

Coinciding with the latest pictures we got from Ilha Sul boatyard from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, we also just got news from two other builders, who sent us pictures of the beginning of their own projects, one in the Argentinian city of Córdoba and the other in the city of Tubarão, in Brazil´s Southern state of Santa Catarina.

Pop Alu 32 at Ilha Sul, Southern Brazil

The Argentinian project is in fact the first unit we sold from this new design, when our client Walter Baitella drove all the way from Córdoba to the city of Rio Grande in Brazil to see the also aluminium design prototype Green Nomad and ordered the new design even before it was ready for delivery.

Starting the craddle in Córdoba, Argentina

The unit from Tubarão, Santa Catarina state in Southern Brazil, is the most recently sold, and our client Jean Abreu Machado intends to start series production of the model, having acquired his own CNC cutting machine.

Jean also intends to sell the boat in pre-cut kit from, where the complete set of cut aluminium parts will be delivered for assembly and finishing by amateur boat builders.

Cradle for another Pop Alu 32 in Tubarão, Santa Catarina

The Pop Alu 32 is built using a quick assembly method, in which the hull is built already facing up and with the use of the CNC kit containing all the aluminium parts pre-cut the whole process is very fast and economical.

With so many building options we expect to see a considerable amount of boats from this class enjoying the coastline of the Americas quite soon, and probably even more distant shores.

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