Kiribati 36 - A video tour of the boat

Below there is a video that was put together by me and my wife Marli Werner. If you are arriving now, we built the prototype of the Kiribati 36 design, our aluminium swing keel yacht Green Nomad.

After sailing many years aboard our first boat, including almost a year in the Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati, thence the name of the design, we decided to build a new boat featuring a lot of ideas that occurred to us during the almost 16 years of cruising and life afloat. We found in the Multichine 36 SK design the perfect platform to build our dream boat on, and the result is what you can see in the video.

The voyages of the Green Nomads, in red, green and blue the first one, and in yellow the new phase on the Kiribati 36

We sailed from Rio de Janeiro in 1996 on our firs boat and after visiting some islands in the Southern Caribbean we headed to Panama, where we spent some time in the San Blas Islands, before crossing the Panama Canal and visiting the Galapagos islands and making the big jump across the Pacific Ocean.

That is where we found our place on Earth, and it is to the Pacific islands that we are again heading on the new Green Nomad.
Some areas there that we loved are prone to cyclones, so the Kiribati 36 now has a swing keel for shallow draft, making it easier for us to find the best cyclone protection possible.

Some other areas are pretty deep for anchoring, so we now have 80 meters of 10mm chain on our main anchor rode, and the proper setup to handle that.

Tropical sailing asks for lots of ventilation, and the beauty around us can be an ever present sight because of the panoramic views we now have.

Please bear in mind that some features in our boat differ a little from the Kiribati 36 stock plan, the main reason being that we had to live aboard while building the interior, so some more time consuming details like doors and different floor levels were aborted.

Green Nomad sailing in Ilha Grande, Brazil…

...and in Saco do Mamanguá, near Parati, Southeastern Brazil

To know more about our voyages and see lots of pictures visit Green Nomad's.

Luis Manuel Pinho is a partner of B&G Yacht design, a lifelong sailor and a Metallurgist Engineer by formation. He lives aboard his Kiribati 36 with his wife Marli Wener since 2008. Luis is co-author of the Kiribati 36 design.

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