Pop 25 - Rancho Alegre and Konquest building news

Our community of Pop 25 builders must be happy with the progress in the constructions of boats of the class. Our clients who made blogs to inform about their constructions are showing impressive updates of their work. Even though the most advanced construction still is the Pop 25 being built by Daniel D’Angelo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, two other boats in particular are being detached in the class launching race: Francisco Aydos’ Rancho Alegre and Marcelo Schurhaus’ Konquest, both yachts being built in Southern Brazil

Horus tiller-bar fitting already installed. It is missing very little work for her launching. Courtesy: Daniel D’Angelo

Francisco Aydos’ Rancho Alegre has its hull ready to be sheathed with fibreglass, a task that in the case of the Pop 25 can be accomplished in a couple of days. Francisco wrote in his blog that the simplicity of the construction was a big surprise for him. He couldn’t believe he was able to build a sailboat until visiting Horus blog. It was then that he took courage to try doing himself the task that he thought was beyond his capacity. And now seeing the hull totally sheathed we can say that he passed the test with awards.

Rancho Alegre has already her hull totally planked. Her builder is amazed with the easiness he found in fitting the panels into place. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos

Konquest, the third boat in the list of the most advanced constructions (as far as we know), had to interrupt the work to find a new place where to assemble the hull, but now in a new location, Marcelo resumed the building at full throttle, having already the bulkheads assembled on the building grid.

Konquest already with the pre-fabricated bulkheads assembled on the building grid. This is another Pop 25 we expect to be built in Bristol fashion. The class is being born with the highest spirits possible, with each builder trying to do the utmost to build a first class sailboat. Courtesy: Marcelo Schurhaus.

Pop 25 being built by John Mathesson in Rio de Janeiro. John opted for taking the bulkheads to the building grid in the most advanced stage of finishing possible. Courtesy: Fernando Santos.

The internal layout of the Pop 25 is one of the decisive factors for our clients choosing the project.

While our builders are progressing with their work, they never stop dreaming in setting up shop aboard their boats. According to them it is the spaciousness of the interior for a 25-foot sailboat one of the decisive factors for choosing the project.

One of the few questions we are sometimes asked about the Pop 25 features is if the bulbous twin keels don’t represent a threat of being entangled with fishing nets. We agree with this possibility, however we point out that contrarily to what uses to happen with a non-bulbous fin keel, when after the net passes under the keel tip, it will most probably get trapped by the propeller, in the case of the Pop 25, all it will be required to do is to put a reverse gear in and leave the hurdle unscathed. On the other hand the owner of a mono-keel sailboat will feel a deep sense of envy in seeing a Pop 25 on dry in upright position during ebb-tide in a calm waters beach, doing bottom maintenance without having to pay one cent for that.

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