Pop 25 - Horus almost ready for launching

Good news for the Pop 25 class. We received a few days ago a phone call from Daniel D’Angelo, the amateur builder who is probably going to be the first person to conclude the construction of a Pop 25, when he told us that after three months without having fresh reports about his construction (see his blog in our link’s page: Pop 25 Horus), finally things began to happen again, now at a fast pace. Daniel told us that he intends to take the boat to his club in La Plata, Argentina, where the two other boats he built, the Samoa 28 Sirius and the Pantanal 25 Vega, are stationed. Early this year we informed that Horus would soon be launched. However for personal reasons Daniel interrupted his work, resuming it just a few weeks ago. He is craving for seeing Horus in the water, willing to launch her even if there are small touches still missing to be done.

Pop 25 dream: other Pop 25 builders who are some steps behind Horus can hardly wait to see the first boat of the class sailing. Photoshop: Murilo Almeida.

The race for the first boat in the water is practically won by Horus. However what seemed a landslide win, now it became a much closer match between Horus and at least two other boats that are also being constructed by amateurs: Konquest, belonging to Marcelo Schurhauss, from Florianópolis, and Francisco Aydos’ Rancho Alegre (meaning merry ranch in Portuguese and Spanish), whose construction is taking place at Porto Alegre, both cities placed in the south of Brazil. We know what is going on with these two constructions because the builders have blogs with links from our site.

Rancho Alegre, a Pop 25 that is being built in the south of Brazil. It is amazing how neat is the shed where he is doing his construction. Courtesy: Franciso Aydos

The reason behind the development of the Pop 25 plans is consequence of our own experience. We wished to own an offshore cruising sailboat, however the road to reach this goal by the conventional means of ordering it to a custom boatyard was so difficult to run through, having a hard time in finding a builder with a price tag within our disponibilities, that, seeing our own problems, we decided to build our own boat, and from then on dedicated an important part of our work as yacht designers to amateur construction. It was then that we concluded that what really matters is assisting the amateurs providing clear and precise information on how to do it. Now we are heaping what we sowed. The Pop 25 is doing the role of being that shortcut we dreamed with.

Konquest transom ready to go to the building grid. Photo: Marcelo Schurhauss

We are discovering that our strategy of supplying complete information about on how to construct the transverse bulkheads, which are, to start with, very easy to be made, since they are almost rectangular in shape, is being the secret for everyone feeling confident.

The Pop 25 performance-oriented T-shaped cockpit is one of the strong points of the design. Photo: Daniel D’Angelo

Daniel reported us having no problem in constructing the boat. He is a geologist by trade, spending one month working in the field and one month off. If you visit his blog you will see that the actual time dedicated in building the boat was very short. Now he is willing to see the light at the end of the tunnel and for that matter he is going to transport the boat to the club with no delay. When the basic shell is concluded nobody minds in spending a little more time installing hardware and equipments, not minding if the boat is already on the water. Installing electronic equipments and glittering fittings is like opening Christmas gifts in Boxing Day.

Horus already faired and painted with two coats of epoxy-primer. Rudders and keels are already made, so there is not much to be done for the boat being ready for launching. Photo: Daniel D’Angelo

Now what is missing in Horus construction is to apply the finishing coats of painting and installing the hardware. Mast, rigging, sails, keels, rudders and fittings are already made. Daniel informed us that the next upgrade in his blog will be to show the boat sailing.

Envisaging the day when the boat can be used as a floating home is the fuel that impels our builders to conclude their work. Photoshop: www.ideebr.com

The Pop 25 design was developed with social intentions in mind, that of bringing the dream of owning an authentic offshore cruising sailboat a reality, so that a much larger number of cruising sailors of all ages can profit of this incredible sport of cruising under sail.

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