Kiribati 36 Green Nomad encounters two other boats designed by us in Parati

A not so rare encounter of boats built to our plans happened this last month in Parati, south-eastern Brazil, where the Multichine 28 Kyriri Ete, the Samoa 34 Luthier and the Kiribati 36 Green Nomad shared a beautiful anchorage for some days. We say not so rare because this area displays an impressive concentration of boats from our office┬┤s designs.

Kiribati 36 Green Nomad, Samoa 34 Luthier and Multichine 28 Kyriri Ete in Parati.

These 3 boats illustrate very well the reward to be had at the end of some hard work hours, work that often is remembered with special good memories by our clients.

The Multichine 28 Kyriri Ete was built in Florianopolis, southern Brazil, by our especially skilled client Giovanni, who built the boat all by himself, and today lives aboard wandering the Brazilian coast.

Luthier was built by Dorival and Catarina Gimenes, who also made an incredibly good job that owes nothing to professionally built boats. They have just returned from two transatlantic crossings, having sailed north along the South American coast, cruised the Caribbean and then the Azores, Portugal, Spain, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and back to Brazil, in Salvador, Bahia.

Green Nomad is getting ready to sail North this season, towards the Caribbean and later the Pacific Ocean, but all at a slow pace, as before their owners Luis Manuel and Marli have sailed a previous boat with the same name from Rio to Australia in less than two years, which for their style of cruising is considered an endurance expedition. They work from the boat in partnership with our office, as Luis has participation in some of our designs, with special focus on aluminium boat designs.

Luis Manuel, Murilo Almeida and Roberto Barros on board Green Nomad, the design office boat!

The option to build a boat and live aboard was common to the three crews, an option that none of them regrets. And they achieved this in one of the most pleasant and economical ways, staying at anchor in some picture perfect spots.

Fetching water from a stream using the dinghy.

All agree that having built boats from plans that were tailored to their needs and expectations was a wise decision, which allowed them to acquire boats with a quality of build far better than they could afford to buy, new or used.

Luthier, a fine example of amateur boat building, with very good performance, having won her class in some quite famous races.

Multichine 28 Kyriri Ete in Florian├│polis

Luis Manuel and Dorival aboard Green Nomad

Marli and Catarina have afternoon coffee in Parati.

Kiribati 36 Green Nomad, a boat to sail the globe in safety and comfort

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