Multichine 41SK BepaluhĂȘ. Yo no soy marinero, soy capitán.

This note is to congratulate Paulo Ayrosa, the owner of the fantastic Bepaluhê, for his achievement in obtaining the coveted International Captain’s license, a reason for pride that can only be appraised by those who already overcame this same hurdle, the feeling that, after building his dream boat, now the world is within the reach of his finger-tips.

Paulo Ayrosa produced a charming blog:, where you can see photos of a gorgeous region, now becoming one of the most popular cruising grounds in the world, the Ilha Grande Bay, a practically unspoiled sanctuary of tropical rainforest, surrounded by high mountains, west of Rio de Janeiro. You can also access his blog by means of our link: Multichine 41SK BepaluhĂȘ.

If you search Wikipedia using these words: forty-one foot swing-keel aluminium sailboat stationed in Parati, the paradise on earth, you will most probably find this answer: Bepaluhê, the boat belonging to a happy family

Bepaluhê is the universal sailboat. She is as much capable of reaching a secluded cove accessible only by small crafts of shallow draught, as she can cross oceans in any latitude squandering comfort and safety. This versatility afforded by the swing-keel is being fully appreciated by Ayrosa’s family, during the frequent incursions to the very end of Mamangua Cove, in the west side of Ilha Grande Bay, a fiord-like haven of unspoiled beauty, but of very shallow depth.

Bepaluhê can anchor much closer to beaches like this than the fixed keel yachts of her size. This feature enlarges the scope of usage considerably, and is reason for jealousy from other boat owners. Courtesy: Paulo Ayrosa

When sailing in tropical waters, as it is presently the case, besides the thermal insulation common to all aluminium cruising yachts, Bepaluhê is benefited by an excellent natural ventilation provided by hatches and opening ports, besides having air-conditioning, to be used in sweltering summer nights. When cruising in cold climates, the thermal insulation works equally well, and having private cabins with doors, the indoors ambience is as cosy as a Swiss chalet.

Bepaluhê is in her first season in Parati. She still smells brand new. For the time being Paulo is enjoying the lush and green Ilha Grande Bay paradise in company of his family. However this Captain’s license is reason to suspect that more ambitious dreams will soon be coming to the fore.

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