Pop Alu 32 Hull no 1: news

It is amazing the pace of the building of hull number one of our new design Pop Alu 32 at Ilha Sul Boatyard, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Just two weeks ago we posted the first pictures, and now we can already show the following images of a finished hull.

A practically finished hull and deck in 3 weeks!

The quick assembly method coupled with the CNC cut of all aluminium parts is allowing a lightning fast construction.
Normally we do not repeat news for a same design this fast, but the building pace itself is making it obvious that we need more frequent updates.

The Pop Alu 32 design has a very simple yet robust structure, and the quick assembly method allows for the boat to be built upright, as can be seen below.

So fast and clean is this process that it even inspired a remarkable entry in one of our clients´ blog. We were happy to read a blog entry from Dr. Paulo Ayrosa, one of our first aluminium boat builders after the previous generation of designs like Amyr Klink´s Parati.

Paulo had a Multichine 41 SK professionaly built by the same boatyard now building the Pop Alu 32 in semi-production terms, and now hapilly sails the coast of Brazil in his well appointed Bepaluhê. Here are his words:

"Dear Friends,

Today is a happy day for all those who appreciate custom boat building and even more so for the ones that have chosen aluminum as a hull material for their dream boat.

The building material of my dream boat is aluminium, and it is called Bepaluhê, and in her we have enjoyed great and delightful family moments and the beginning of a stream of nautical adventures.

But it is not about my dream that today I want to talk about. Today I am allowing myself to talk about YOUR dream, that still nameless dream, buried deep inside all seamen, which is the dream boat!!

I am positive that this new sailboat design launched by B & G Yacht Design, the Pop Alu 32, can become the dream boat of many friends, and that is why I decided to open this space to the dreams of my current and future friends and let them know that the first unit of this beautiful design is already being built at Ilha Sul boatyard."

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