Pop Alu 32: Hull number 1 takes shape at Ilha Sul

From virtual to real boat in record time

The new hull takes shape at Ilha Sul boatyard

We were extremely pleased when Ilha Sul Construções Náuticas boatyard, from Porto Alegre, Brazil, www.ilhasulnauticas.com.br, decided to start building production units of our new aluminium 32 ft sailboat design.

Now the lead time to buy one of these boats in Brazil will be greatly reduced.

And judging by the progress shown on the pictures, this time will be very short indeed.

A week´s progress is fabulous

In Europe aluminium production boat building is a long established practice, and boatyards like Alubat and Garcia compete with success in the series sailboat market, offering unique products for a public that seeks boats with the level of customization and strength that only metallic boat construction can offer at competitive prices

The extra strong 8mm thick aluminium hull can be adapted to several navigation programs and should deliver many years of trouble free sailing.

Hull number 1 can be the dream boat of any of those who are reading this article, and the same will be true with a number of future units to come.

Soon we can have a real boat in the picture

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