Samoa 28. Group of amateur builders concluding their constructions

We consider the Samoa 28 to be a special design. Even though it requires an expressive amount of men/hours commitment to be fabricated, its constructive principle is quite easy to be grabbed by the most inexperienced of the amateur builders. Presently a significant number of amateurs are facing the challenge of building these boats, for our delight, as far as we know, all of them managing to progress with their work without difficulties, simply being oriented by the building manual provided with the plans.

Samoa 28 Terrius. This boat is magnificently well built. Her owner, Bernardo Sampaio, is very happy with his choice. He knows that he wouldn’t find another boat of the same size that could transmit such confidence as the Samoa 28. This photo was taken in the launching day at Ubatuba, State of Sao Paulo Brazil

The Samoa 28 is an extremely safe and comfortable offshore cruising sailboat. When people learn that owning a Samoa 28 is a passport for any sort of cruising adventure, it becomes clear why this design so easily bewitches them. The evidence of this is the impressive number of blogs in the web relating the construction of Samoas 28. There are six blogs of the class with links from our website. They are: Everest, Sirius, Caprichoso, Furioso, Baleia and Paloma.

Samoa 28 Sirius in Punta del Leste. To build a boat in your home lawn alongside your swimming pool and then sailing to another country with her is priceless. Photo: Daniel D’Angelo

There are already forty-eight builders of Samoas 28 in four different continents. However we only know something about their constructions when our clients create a blog, or send us e-mails telling how their works are progressing.

Daniel D’Angelo’s Samoa 28 Sirius sailing in the River Plate, Argentina. This boat took part in the Buenos Aires to Punta del Leste offshore race soon after her launching, when she confirmed her seaworthiness and good performance. Courtesy: Daniel D’Angelo

Something important for the class is happening at the moment. Several Samoas 28 whose builders edited blogs relating their buildings are in their last stages of constructions. We are pretty sure that in the heads of our clients there must be ambitious dreams of long distance passages and other cruising endeavours. The boats that they are building are becoming works of art and we can’t imagine a different happy ending for them than weighing anchors and sailing away.

Luis Gouveia (the one on the left of the photo) flew in a vacation trip from Perth, Austrália, to Rio de Janeiro, and on that occasion paid a visit to Ubiraci Jardim, who is building Baleia in the town of Macaé, State of Rio de Janeiro. At that time the strip-planked hull was just concluded. Now Baleia is almost finished and Ubiraci is already planning ambitious long distance passages, like sailing to the Caribbean and beyond.

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