Kayak Brasileirinho BloodRowing being built in Canada

Inside a plastic shed in the cold province of Quebec the sailor and adventurer Eric the Rower is building the open sea kayak Brasileirinho BloodRowing. The boat will be used as means to denounce an ecological crime perpetrated by some of the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands: the slaughtering of hundreds of pilot whales in a macabre festival of insanity. Eric intends to complete the construction of his boat in one year, having in mind crossing the North Atlantic from Newfoundland to the Faroe Islands single-handed, timing his arrival to coincide with the climax of the bloodshed.

BloodRowing intended route is a straight line between Saint John, Newfoundland, and the Faroes.

We were contacted by his gentle daughter, Florentine Leloup, a person whose involvement with the preservation of these harmless and adorable mammals has no limits, asking us if we would like to sponsor her courageous project of trying to stop that absurd ritual, contributing with the design of our offshore kayak Brasileirinho. Without a blink we joined her cause and now our open sea rowing boat is beginning to take shape in the temporary shed built in Eric’s residence. From then on we became enthusiastic supporters of their project intending to report news about the progress of the work regularly. To learn more about them see: www.bloodrowing.com.

Can you believe that twenty-first century Europeans can slaughter those harmless and friendly animals?

Eric built this shed next to his house where he is starting the construction of the kayak Brasileirinho BloodRowing. He intends to conclude the work in one year time and depart bound for the Faroe Islands soon after.

Eric will build BloodRowing with assistance from nobody, and next he will cross the North Atlantic on her, single-handed.

"Bulkhead n° 8 represents the room I’ll have to cope with as accommodation and sleeping quarters during my passage. After rowing for fourteen hours daily, it will probably be easy to get a nap for a few hours". Eric

Brasileirinho is an offshore kayak designed to be built in plywood/epoxy, being its construction within the reach of the amateur builder. The design had been already tested, and the offshore capabilities of the project are already proven. However BloodRowing voyage will undoubtedly be the design most important test yet.

The first kayak Brasileirinho to be launched is this one. The owner intends to cross the Atlantic from Europe to South America with her.

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