Multichine 41 SK design has news

The home page of the Multichine 41 SK design has been upgraded.

This design has been upgraded, now being totally modelled in 3D with the option for the builder to buy a set of CNC cutting files that include the whole structure, hull plating, deck, cabin, cockpit, rudder and swing- keel, including keel bearings and pulley bases. This can make the building very fast and economical.

Multichine 41 SK Bepaluhê in front of Parati. Brazil.

The first unit of this new phase, named Bepaluhê, has been sailing now for nearly one year, and can be seen with his happy owner, our friend Paulo Ayrosa, sailing and cruising the bays of Parati and Ilha Grande, in South-eastern Brazil. This boat will for sure take Paulo to many of his dream places, as it has the safety and performance features he so much desired when he first ordered the plans.

Launch day, in Porto Alegre, March 2011.

This boat can be a good option when compared to the more common series produced boats available in the market today, as it allows a level of customization and ends up as a much stronger and durable option.

The large saloon with its table mounted on the side of the keel trunk.

In Europe, especially in France, boats of the same conception as the Multichine 41SK are the dream of blue water cruisers, being the series produced boats more sought by coastal and weekend sailors and charter companies.

The MC 41SK interior layout is thought to be used by a family for long stretches.

We are also producing a set of CNC cutting files for the fixed keel version of this design, the Multichine 41.

A very strong structure allows the Multichine 41 SK to endeavour great variety of adventures.

This design has a very comfortable layout, which allows it to be used as a most capable weekend home away from home for those less inclined to far away adventures, but at the same time it is designed with unrestricted sailing in mind, with a very tough hull structure, and shallow draft for easy access to remote coves and shelters.

The Multichine 41 SK can explore shallow spots like these...

... or extreme like this

To opt for building a boat that is tailored to your navigation program can look at first the longest and more difficult way, but as attested to by the so many stories of success and happiness that we learn from our customers, it may well be the one that brings the biggest rewards and satisfaction.

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