Pop 25. Virtual construction in 3D

It was quite a meticulous work, but we finally have the digital mock-up of the Pop 25 concluded. Murilo Almeida, the designer who made the renders, created all the steps of the construction of the boat in 3D, producing the most accurate revision of a plan we ever made. Who will be pleased with this work are the builders already beginning their constructions, since we now can provide tri-dimensional images, in case anyone asks specific information. Take the bulkhead at Station 3 as example:

This render shows bulkhead at Station 3 exploded, with all the components that will be attached to its aft face.

Now the same face is shown ready to go to assemblage with all its components attached.

Station 3 fore face showing its parts exploded. Anyone will feel confident when building this bulkhead following this illustration.

The fore face already concluded. Now the bulkhead is ready to go to the building grid. The rest of the construction is consequence of this pre-fabrication, and it becomes so evident that it hardly requires any explanation.

We can show any other example of the digital construction, like, for instance, the companionway hatch cover assemblage.

The digital mock-up allows visualizing in perspective from any direction each step in the fabrication of the Pop 25.

The parts may be shown exploded, or already assembled. Tri-dimensional design is an invaluable tool to help amateur boat building.

Being involved with plans for amateur construction since a long time we discovered that the most important ingredient for a successful construction is that the prefabrication of the structural components in the workshop be quick and easy to build. If this is achieved the number of persons that will find the challenge of constructing their boats to be a rewarding accomplishment will increase significantly. Actually this is already happening with the Pop 25 in its short career, having already dozens of builders starting their constructions, up to the end of January in seven different countries, in alphabetic order: Argentina, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Turkey and United States. Two things must be contributing for this good beginning. The design is seducing cruising sailors for its features, and people are seeing in the plans a quick and cheap way to own an offshore cruising boat, without assuming loans hard to be paid.

We have been helped by our client and friend, the Argentinean geologist, Daniel D’Angelo, who already accomplished two amateur constructions from our list of stock plans, the Samoa 28 Sirius, and the Pantanal 25 Vega. He enjoyed so much the hobby, that couldn’t resist trying his skills once more, this time with our latest design. Horus, the Pop 25 he built in his home garden, in City Bell, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the assistance of his friend Alejandro, is practically completed, and will be taken to the nearby yacht club in the next few weeks. You can follow the construction entering his blog with link from our site: Pop 25 Horus. Other builders are planning to have their blogs too, like for instance, one of our latest clients, Vandeli Schürhaus, from Florianópolis, Brazil, who acquired the plans a fortnight ago, having already the bulkheads being assembled. He started a blog : www.pop25konquest.blogspot.com, with link from our site.


What is being most praised by the firs builders of Pop 25 is the speed to make the bulkheads at the workbench.

The Pop 25 class will for sure have lots of stories to be told from now on. From the part o B & G yacht Design, we will do our best to collaborate with our clients whenever they ask our assistance. Anyone who wants to start a blog may count on us to provide a link from our site, and we will be pleased to promote the achievements and keep contact with the bloggers.

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