Multichine 26C Geko takes a lift on a magic carpet

It was published last January in a Turk nautical forum this teasing photo of Geko, a MC26C built by Ömer Kirkal, in Istanbul, Turkey. No sooner had Geko been launched, and a club mate who had just acquired a series produced twenty-six footer made in a European country, challenged him for a match race. It was at stake the treat to the one for the road at the marina’s bar that same evening. Can you believe, the challenger is that hardly visible boat inside the red circle!

To crown it all Geko had some problem before the starting gun with her boom, and had to improvise a makeshift sheet system for the mainsail. Since the C in the class’s name means that the MC26C is a Cruising design, it is advisable that Ömer doesn’t give his challenger a second chance, since it’s possible that in another occasion the genius inside the bottle refuses to let him win hands down.

Geko taking a lift on the “magic carpet”. The challenger is the sailboat inside the red circle... Note how well finished is Ömer’s amateur construction!

That Geko was built in Bristol Fashion, this is easily observed. However she wasn’t built to be a racing machine. Actually she was built to be the perfect floating home, what can be confirmed in a gallery of photos published in the articles “MC26C Geko is shown in a Turk nautical program” and “Multichine 26C Class is spreading its horizons”, both to be found in our section All News. The first article contains three videos produced by the local open TV which are very well made.

Ömer’s wife Firuzan plastering the gaps between tiles she installed in the heads wall. The photo is a good witness that Geko was built with cruising intentions in mind. Photo: Ömer Kirkal.


We can only know what our builders are doing when they send us news about their constructions. Nevertheless we have regular contacts with some of them who have their boats practically completed, actually almost ready to be launched. We hope the magic carpet that assisted Geko in doing water skiing in Turkey may be a confidence-booster for them.

The MC26C is a typical cruising boat, having 1.85m headroom in the saloon, heads with shower, and an inside layout comparable to many thirty-footers. To know that it also sails fast is an extra bonus. Render:

2012 will probably be the year of the MC26C class, as a project for amateur construction that can solve the longings of so many who wish to have a blue water cruising yacht at an affordable cost. As far as we know, all our clients who are concluding their boats are amateur builders, and it has been a feeling of self accomplishment for them to have built their boats with their own hands.

Anauê, is a MC26C built by an amateur in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is technically concluded, missing installing keel, the transom hung rudder and auxiliary propulsion.

The MC26C was a design we developed with the intention to demonstrate that a twenty-six sailboat may be fit for any kind of cruising adventure. Now with the first boats of the class being launched it will be possible to confirm the rightness of our goals.

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