Kiribati 36 Hull #4 is taking shape

One more Kiribati 36 is coming along very nicely in the Southern Brazilian town of Santa Cruz do Sul.

Her owner, Mr. Vanderlei Becker has bought the plans but not the CNC files, and is building the whole boat with traditional lofting methods, of which he had no previous knowledge prior to this undertaking.

I was unsure at first of how he would he accomplish this project when all he had for traditional boatbuilding skills was compiled from a single page email I sent him delineating the steps to take. For it is one thing to follow a CNC kit assembly plan, with numbered parts indicated clearly on an assembly plan perspective, and with a slide show to suggest a building sequence, and it is another to get a table of offsets and go from there to fill an empty floor with a boat.

But Mr. Vanderlei did a superb job, with no previous experience apart from his obvious very skilled hands and highly trained mechanical mind, as he is a car mechanics shop owner in his hometown.

And not only he turned out a Kiribati 36 full size in a very short time, but he had time in the breaks to build and go out sailing with his Little Nomad dinghy, the perfect companion to the mother boat. The plans for the dinghy are given free of charge to all our aluminium boat plan clients.

Of course that we prefer to sell also the CNC kit for this design, but one thing that makes us very happy in this case is that the plans alone were enough for a person with no previous boatbuilding experience to build a highly complex boat when you consider the lifting keel system and the twin rudders, without a single phone call to ask directions, and this is what really made us happy.

With every boat built we made a point to address any questions from customers not as a shortcoming from the client, but a shortcoming from the plans, and we would immediately proceed to either increase the quantity of information in that specific plan or even add complete new plans to the design, and this effort is paying out now. We aim to produce plans for the amateur builder, and it is rewarding when we can get this kind of result. And in São Paulo the other unit under construction in Brazil is also taking very good shape, with basically all metal work completed now.


The builder in São Paulo however had his job much easier, as he used the CNC kit and received his future boat all pre-cut and ready to assemble, with no need to draw and loft a single part. It is only when we think this way that we can understand the enormity of Mr. Vanderlei´s task, and how well he did it. Very soon we expect two more Kiribati 36 boats taking to the seas and rewarding their builders with the sense of accomplishment that usually comes with the good completion of such a project, and with the indescribable sensation of arriving to new places in the cruising boat you dreamed about.

And this is exactly what Mr. Jone Martins has been doing with his Kiribati 36 J-One, the second unit built of the design. Below some pictures taken from his cruise along the Brazilian coast, going to all those secluded shallow spots he always dreamt about!

And last, the first Kiribati 36 made his way back to Brazil non-stop from the Island of Sint Marteen, in the Caribbean, sailing against the trade winds, which is no small feat.

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