Little Nomad dinghy sails

We designed the Little Nomad as an ideal tender for medium sized cruising boats, where often the budget does not allow for the purchase of a conventional life-raft on top of a working tender (of course local regulations concerning life rafts have to be respected, so please check with your authorities if you can sail without one).

The idea was to have an unsinkable life boat that doubles as the yacht tender, with large carrying capacity to bring in water, fuel and supplies when anchored in remote or busy and expensive harbours.

With only 2.30m LOA, it fits most foredecks, and weighing 48 Kg it is still easy to handle and store.

We offer the design for sale and also for free to our aluminium boat kit builders, and one of them, from Southern Brazil, who is building a Kiribati 36 decided to take on the Little Nomad project while still building his larger yacht, and use it for having some fun around his home waters.

The dinghy is offered in kit form, and our client ordered the pre-cut parts and got to work, and the result was superb.

He fitted all options on the design, and used it as a motor boat, a row boat and went for a sail.

We plan to design a larger version for those who want to have the same results but own larger yachts that can accommodate and sometimes need a larger tender.

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