B&G YD yachts cruise the world

This end of 2015 a small fleet of yachts built from B&G YD plans is moving to the Caribbean, not properly together but in contact.

The Kiribati 36 Green Nomad was in French Guyana since January, and sailed from there to Tobago in November

Kiribati 36 Green Nomad on a low tide

The Samoa 34 Luthier left Paraty and in November was in Natal, in the NE tip of Brazil, from where she sailed to Tobago as well.

Samoa 34 Luthier in Búzios, SE Brazil

Also in Natal now are the Aladin 30 Carapitanga and the Multichine 41 Piatã, and both are expected to follow soon in the steps of Luthier. More boats are preparing, as this is by no means an extensive list. This brings to attention the fact that a considerable percentage of boats built by amateurs, partially or totally, usually end up actually sailing in long distance cruises, fulfilling the dreams of those builders that so much effort put into the task.

One day all this work becomes the boat that takes the builder to his/hers dream destinations!

The crews of Green Nomad and Luthier were old acquaintances, having sailed together around Paraty, a very nice cruising area in SE Brazil, just after the first trip made by Luthier to Europe and back. Luis and Marli built the Kiribati 36 Green Nomad from 2008 to 2010 in Southern Brazil, and Dorival and Catarina built Luthier from 2004 to 2008 in a country house near Campinas, São Paulo state.

The meeting in Tobago was no chance encounter, and the arrival with just 3 hours between the two in Charlotteville, a charming bay in Tobago, can be explained.

Green Nomad inside a river in French Guyana

Marli from Green Nomad observes the end of the day in Crique Vaches, near Saint Laurent du Maroni, French Guyana.

For many years now they have been in contact via SSB radio, using a frequency that used to be watched by a cherished and unfortunately now deceased Brazilian Ham operator, Dona América. So Green Nomad stayed anchored inside the rivers near Saint Laurent du Maroni, in French Guyana waiting for the moment to set sail in order to match pace with Luthier in their trip from Natal to Tobago. With that in just two days after leaving French Guyana they managed to manoeuvre in order to be 20 nautical miles apart from Luthier, and have VHF contact from then on.

Luthier and Green Nomad at anchor in Charlotteville, Tobago

Luthier intends to sail North, through the Caribbean Islands and then cross the North Atlantic to Azores, and then to continental Europe, retracing their 2010 to 2012 Voyage

The roomy dinette of the Samoa 34 Luthier

Green Nomad will sail West, towards Panama and then the Pacific Ocean, also following loosely their first trip made with another boat from 1997 to 2006.

The Blue Waters of Tobago

The Aladin 30 Carapitanga ( a fibreglass model made in a small serie by a Brazilian boatyard) has plans for a circumnavigation, and Felipe and Viviane have sailed to Fernando de Noronha and then Natal, from where they will sail to the Caribbean with some stops along the Brazilian coast.

Felipe and Viviane on the deck of Carapitanga

The Carapitanga will sail to the Caribbean with some stops along the Brazilian coast.

The Multichine 41 Piatã intends to stay enjoying the Caribbean for some time.
These boats, designed for long range cruising but with an eye on their sailing performance, allow for good daily runs even in low wind situations, becoming economical to run, and making their auxiliary engines worthy of the name, just for in port manoeuvring, being seldom needed at sea. This translates into less costs and a lower environmental impact, bringing great satisfaction.

Green Nomad advances at 6 knots in the trade winds

Big wave coming up the stern of Green Nomad, but not even a spray coming aboard due to the large reserve buoyancy

We plan to keep following these and other boats making their way through the world’s oceans, and if the readers happen to have information about one of our designs sailing internationally, we will be happy to hear from you.