Samoa 28 - A project we are proud of having designed

If there is one of our stock plans that is being recognized as a contribution for the cruising community, this project is the Samoa 28. Several of these boats are already sailing, while many others are in their last stages of construction. Since the class is relatively young, only now in 2015 is showing how successful it is becoming.


The first boat of the class to be launched was Sirins, built by the geologist Daniel D`Angelo, in City Bell, Argentina. This boat was very well made, and its launching boosted the prestige of the class at the time, as being the perfect cruising yacht for a family. Since Daniel was a novice in sailing when he began the construction, he didn`t know for sure what he really wanted. As time went by he discovered that what he really liked was racing, what in his mind had nothing to do with cruising in family. Then he decided to make a thorough facelift makeover turning his boat into an authentic racing machine. With support from our part, he increased the sail area (we did this change for him), went for redesigning the fin-keel, making a new one with more draught and lower centre of gravity and replaced the rudder for a much lighter one. Then he removed lotss of weight from the internal furniture, substituting plywood for foam sandwich, doing the utmost to reduce the boat`s displacement. Of course these changes are a one way ticket, since with a deeper keel, an interior with less creature comforts expected to be found in a cruising yacht, plus a large sail area to deal with when short-handed, of course these are not the best ingredients for a leisure cruise. Now in 2015 the results of the makeover can be seen, and Sirius is starting to show sharp fangs in the racing course.

Sirius already competing in the 2015 racing season in the River Plate. Look how larger boats specifically designed for competition are left behind in the close-hauled leg. Photo published by Daniel D`Angelo in his page in Face Book.

Even being sailing in fresh water it is visible that Sirius hull is considerably lighter now, if compared to the other boats of the class (see the next photos). It is rewarding to see Daniel`s work showing good results. Photo taken from his personal page in Face Book.

The Samoa 28 is advertised as a cruiser-racer. Those who want to follow Daniel`s steps are welcome to contact us and we will be pleased to give them a hand. We partly contributed to Sirius makeover and will assist others who want to do the same. The specifications already cover the possibility of building the strip-planking hull in foam sandwich composite, and there are two sail plan versions, one exclusively for cruising and the other for the racing aficionados. A more race-like keel with lower centre of gravity and a much lighter rudder with more lift, less drag and more effective aspect ratio can also be provided. But the original characteristics of being the boat for accomplishing any cruising adventure, this will always be the Samoa 28 standard plan.


After Sirius, which is more alive than ever, other launchings were followed, and the pace these inaugurations are happening is getting faster recently. It is obvious that a boat designed to cross oceans taking families to distant places can`t be the same one as if racing is the main purpose. However, for the cruising sailor it is good to know that the boat he owns has a good enough hull for being competitive in regattas.


The second boat to float was Terrius, built by Bernardo Sampaio in Ubatuba, a town located in the northeast coast of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. This boat was very well built. We already published in our news an e-mail sent by Bernardo telling how much he was pleased with his yacht. We think Terrius is a wonderful boat, especially its interior.

Samoa 28 Terrius, constructed by the amateur builder Bernardo Sampaio. A yacht like this is the dream boat of many cruising sailors. Courtesy: Bernardo Sampaio.

Bernardo is having a good time with Terrius. The boat is proportioning unforgettable cruises to his family. As it happened with Sirius, Terrius also helped the class to spread, and if the design raised in status among the cruising community, this is partially due to Terrius good looks.

Terrius interior decoration is show! She is one of the cosiest boats built by our clients. Courtesy: Bernardo Sampaio.


In the list of Samoas 28 about which we have data (especially those whose builders edited blogs to relate their constructions), one of them is Everest, built in the state of Paraná, Southern Brazil, by Moacir Ribeiro. This boat was the third of the class to be launched. Everest was built with great care, and is very handsome. We know that the owner is very happy with the result of his work.

Everest is the typical Samoa 28 built to provide great comfort when cruising. Our client opted for a rigid dodger and a canvas Bimini joining the dodger to a gantry in the stern, where he eventually stores the inflatable dinghy. Even though this arrangement is a bit top-heavy and may somehow affect performance, the comfort proportioned by this arrangement is worth the inconvenience. Courtesy: Moacir Ribeiro.


A recently inaugurated Samoa 28 is Furioso (means furious in Portuguese), made by the amateur builder Jorge Dias, from Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil. Jorge Dias edited an illustrated blog with link from our site relating the whole construction of his vessel, with the last entries covering the first cruises in family. A blog like this is witness of a powerful story of life. It is a pity it`s written in a foreign language!

Samoa 28 Furioso first sea trial. Family and friends enjoying the first emotions of sailing in a boat built in the owner`s home backyard. Courtesy: Jorge Dias.

Furioso fore cabin carrying Jorge Dias family`s personal belongings for a holiday on board. After so much hard work to build the boat this is the prize for having succeeded. Courtesy: Jorge Dias.

Historical moment for the Samoa 28 class! Two Samoas 28 rafting together in an anchorage in the state of Paraná. The sister-ships Furioso and Everest have a casual encounter when cruising in their state coastline. Courtesy: Jorge Dias.


Caprichoso (means fancy in Portuguese), belonging to Vinícius Suppione, is the latest Samoa 28 to be launched. This boat was basically built by her owner. However, when she was close to be completed, Vinicius decided to hire the professional boatyard FLAB, from Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil, to give the final touches of "fanciness" to the whole work. And she deserves her name! What a carefulness in detailing!

This Samoa 28 is a work of masters. Vinicius Suppioni made the most part of the construction, leaving for a custom builder to complete the job. The resulting yacht is an example of top class shipwright. Courtesy: Flavio Rodrigues.

The systems installations on board Caprichoso were made with ultimate care. Courtesy: Flavio Rodrigues.


To better understand the reason for the Samoa 28 being a potentially fast boat, it is worth to observe the most recent hull to be turned over. This hull was built with a touch of art, since her owner/builder, Hilton Monteiro, from Vitoria, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil, wishes to keep the topsides with a bright-work finishing.

Hilton is no more a freshman in amateur boat building. He already constructed the MC26C Fura Bolo, which we already reported in our news some time ago. He showed at that occasion that he has talent for the job. Since he loved the hobby, upgrading the size of his yacht is reason for great fun from his part.

Hilton Monteiro is building the Samoa 28 Farofa in Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brazil. This is the most sofisticated Samoa 28 hull built to date. Courtesy: Hilton Monteiro.

It crosses my mind that Farofa may become so well finished that Hilton might be sorry to use her really hard, so not to wear it too much:)

Hilton Monteiro was the first to step inside the hull after the turning over manoeuvre. Courtesy: Hilton Monteiro.


We would like to show other photos of Samoas 28 under constructions. But this might sound repetitive. What we will never miss is to report our clients` cruising adventures. We firmly believe that the Samoa 28 is an outstanding offshore cruising boat. The good news is that one of them is doing well in the race course.

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