MC 28 Safo makes her maiden voyage

This report is about a video taken with gopro by our client Claudine Franco. He built a MC28 all by himself at the City of São Paulo, Brazil. Safo, as he called her, is one of the best boats of the class ever built. The video is about his shakedown cruise from the Port of Santos, to Paraty, the popular cruising ground west of Rio de Janeiro, some 160 nautical miles from Santos. Claudine sailed to that lush and green paradise single-handed, enduring flat calms, or light fluky winds, for most of the trip. This test was particularly important for him, since he has ambitious plans in mind. He intends to sail to the Mediterranean with Safo, his final destination being the Island of Capri. Claudine is very pleased with his first sea trial. He put the video in Face Book with some nice words directed to us:

"See Roberto Barros what a nice boat your office designed. The video became a bit too long, but I didn`t have the courage to shorten it. I wish you good luck there in Australia."

The MC28 Safo is a boat to let one`s mouth watering. Claudine can dream at large with his brand new pleasure machine. This photo of him and his two daughters was taken when the boat was launched, one year ago. Courtesy: Claudine Franco

It looks like being a rule within the MC28 building community. Almost without exceptions, who is constructing a MC28 wants above all other things that their yachts be well built. It is amazing the number of MC28 built to date of excellent quality. There is no other class of boats designed by us with so many examples of superb craftsmanship. We have a gallery of photos of several of them already sailing, and others that soon will be in the water, since there is a batch of new MC28 to be launched this year. Whenever we receive good pictures, or videos like this one, of new MCs 28 in the water, it will always be a pleasure to report them in our news section. And of course Safo will be welcome, if Claudine wishes, to publish its future adventures.

The standard of construction of the MC28 Safo is of the highest level. With Claudine`s care with details we are pretty confident Safo is ready to sail to anywhere her owner fancies in safety and comfort. Courtesy: Claudine Franco

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