Pop 25 Rancho Alegre is now sailing

The Pop 25 class is steadily gaining prestige. Now it was the turn of Rancho Alegre, built by the amateur Francisco Aydos in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to show the potential of the design. The boat is proportioning undreamed fun to Francisco`s family, bringing a feeling of accomplishment nice to be seen. Francisco wrote in his page in Facebook:

"Finally in 15/04/2015 we went out sailing! The wind was just a light breeze! And so, even on those conditions, it was sufficient to reckon that the boat is an authentic lead mine, so stable she is! The boat is already being recognised by the local sailing community for her merry coloured sails.
Note: even with these fluky light winds it was possible to see that the boat sails beautifully close-hauled."

A few days later Rancho Alegre went out again, this time carrying Francisco`s whole family as crew. That time they took the camera to shoot a video which footage is worth being seen: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=880973608634304&comment_id=881098298621835&offset=0&total_comments=9

Francisco wrote in his page in Facebook:

"We went sailing for the first time with the whole family on board. The boat sails very well! We reached 7.6 knots in the GPS. Congratulations to the B & G Yacht Design team for the excellent Pop 25 project!"

First test drive onboard Rancho Alegre in Guaíba River with the whole family as crew. Can you believe the boat is just a twenty-five footer? Courtesy: Francisco Aydos

"Little five years old Julia, Eduardo`s niece, was sleeping over in his house and he didn`t hesitate in taking her for the ride. The boat seems to be so safe that we had no worries in taking her with us. She loved the experience and played inside the cabin as if it was her cuddy house": Courtesy Francisco Aydos


Pop 25 Konquest is almost finished: Now the boat which is closest to being launched is Konquest, the Pop 25 being built by the Schurhaus Brothers in the State of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. The Schurhaus intended to be sailing before the arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race at Itajai, so they could take part in receptioning the fleet when the yachts called at that port. However the work took a little longer to be concluded and only now, a fortnight after, they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But what really counts is the fact that there will be many new opportunities for them to enjoy their brand new boat. At any rate, making a boat with one`s own hands and then being able to go anywhere with her is a privilege to let any amateur builder happy. Now that the first Pops 25 are already sailing and that their owners are pleased with the performance of their boats, the Schurhaus Brothers have all reasons to be willing to take advantage from all their hard work. Since the Pop 25 club is becoming each day more expressive, every single member of the class that learns about one more launching, has a strong motivation to go sailing as soon as possible.

It is missing very little for Konquest to be launched, The work is already concluded internally and externally, there included the engine installation. What is missing now is fitting keels and rudders in place, installing the deck fittings and choosing a date for the launching party. Courtesy: Marcelo Schurhaus

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