Pop Alu 32 delivered by Northmetalurgica

We received an email from our client and owner of Northmetalurgica Boatyard, Jean Abreu Machado, with pictures of the delivery of a completed hull of the Pop Alu 32 design.

North Metalúrgica`s team celebrates the delivery of this Pop Alu 32 hull

Jean told us that his client is very pleased and motivated to start the conclusion of the project and fit out with his own hands.

The Pop Alu 32 takes the road to his new owner

In this fit out the owner will be not just a little helped by the fact that the Pop Alu 32 plans include as a courtesy a CNC kit to cut all the plywood pieces that compose the basic interior joinery of the boat.

Interior Joinery plywood parts can be CNC cut

Just follow the drawings and assemble the interior

By my own experience of having built the interior joinery of my Kiribati 36 Green Nomad while living inside (without the facility of the parts pre-cut, but copying by hand the shapes taken from the 3D modelling of the boat and drawing them on the plywood sheets, what enabled us to bring the parts ready to the boat, with all fitting cuts done) I estimate that the basic joinery of this model can be ready in a little over 30 days if the CNC kit is used to cut the plywood parts.

The Kiribati 36 Green Nomad had all joinery modelled in 3D, but due to a tight budget at the time the shapes had to be copied by hand to sheets of paper.

With the dimensional drawings in paper, we could draw on the plywood sheets and take the parts already cut to the boat. With the CNC kit that is available to the Pop Alu 32 builders, all of that can be done automatically and the builder can receive all parts ready to fit out.

After the basic joinery it will depend on how sophisticated the builder wants the finishing to be, but for something as simple as we did on Green Nomad, in another 2 or 3 months the boat could be ready to live in and sail.

If on top of this we add the fast pace that can be accomplished in the hull build due to the availability of a CNC kit for the aluminium parts, the Pop Alu 32 is an ideal boat for amateur builders or for boatyards that would like to build them in small series without the costs of moulds that are necessary for some other building methods.

We now have two hulls delivered to their owners and in the final fit out stages. We wait the first sails in the light of the excellent results obtained by the smaller model of the series, the Pop 25.

The Pop Alu 32 is extremely robust, with its hull all in 8 mm thick aluminium. The stability shall be excellent, what foretells a fast boat that can cross Oceans in great safety.

With the two fixed keels the boat draws only 1.23m and can be beached on a low tide for maintenance and cleaning.

The interior space can be compared to bigger boats, as the hull form affords lots of volume. The Pop Alu 32 can be the solution for those who search for an aluminium hull with all the advantages that it brings but without the cost of bigger models.

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